a distant reverie…[dedicated to my dear friend Ralph]



A Distant Reverie…



Gloomy skies loom ahead on the horizon

I can’t help but be down as I saw it reckon

Memories of you flew past me by

Vivid, reflecting, etching spaces and crevices on my reverie



Why does it have to be this way?

Why did you have to leave?

Hard as it seem, tears flow freely down my cheeks

As I try to reanalyze things that came by…



Hopeless, uncertainty and a great sense of loss

These things may be prevalent and inevitable

But beneath the silver lining of the thin line between Hades and Gaea

Lays a burning desire to know the undeniable truth



As I gaze down the beach of unfathomable loneliness upon which I’m walking

Where the gentle sea foam kiss the waiting shore

A stunning realization hit me suddenly

Those made me ponder over and over incessantly



Life is like the sands of time

Accomplish things to be done now

For who knows, END is just around the corner.







hmmmmmmm…this poem was made just out of the blue during the day i realized that Ralph was not coming back…it may be a stark overwhelming event but then again, its just like that…there are many reasons in which you could get over a loss but sometimes time is the best way to forget and let old wounds heal…


i know somehow he is watching over us from up above… wherever he may be right now, i just wish he is fine…

i’m getting a little mushy i know, but this page is my tribute to my friend… so long…


a calm refuge amidst the storm
a calm refuge amidst the storm





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