untitled ii…[how could you???]

how could you???
you’ve been a promiscuous, self-gratifying, lowlife son of a bitch!!!
you’ve tricked me into loving you and giving up my all
and i only got this in return???

you’ve been a fallen angel from heaven
so pure and so chaste
and yet…
you’ve proved to be a shrew!!!
you’re nothing but a life-sucking, bloody hell of a creation!
you’re a waste!!!

how could you do this?
how could you waste my love on your cunning ways?
how could you say that you love me
when you’re busy shashaying with those bitches and sluts???
is that how  you love someone??
pray tell me…

an aftermath of your vicious ways
left me down, bounded and broken
shattered, lifeless and torn into pieces…
nothing’s left…

now how could tell me straight to the eye that you love me?
when all you do is crush me over and over again with your
sinful ways?


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