oh no![realizations]


OMG! i cant believe im out of the job with a batt of an eyelash!

In my still numb and shocked composure, I still marvel at how the moment has taken the rest of me…I never really thought it would end up this way…everything I worked hard for came with a very great price to pay…and being terminated should have been not the option…

but as they say, shit do happens everytime. you just have to adjust and the most out of the situation you are in. unluckily for me, I never thought I would be ending my most desired job in a  matter of months… but for “their opinion” I should be out.

cruel and unfair as it may seem, I have nothing else to do to but to go on and start from the start again on a new environment…some would put it this way, the work of being a call center agent is not forever…as I bask in the nostalgia of what was currently happening, it occured to me that I was still in a way blessed since I can have a more broader view of the entire scenario. I am now free from what seemed to be a bondage of being moulded into something I am not. I can now freely express myself and speak out my mind eventhough it would mean starving for the rest of the coming months[just kidding!].

this termination could mean a lot of things actually. Its not that I’m happy or what, but hey, reality check, isn’t this the only way I can gain that most coveted license of being a registered Nurse???[although I do argue that this is not what I plan to be my profession for life! no go!] or would it be the way that I could venture into other call center jobs that require the knowledge and the skill I acquired with my 9 months on the job???[that could have been OK but it would be very unfair since they would somehow be very hesitant and picky regarding the status of my previous employment…darn!]or would it be another way of taking a rest and slowing down things in life [well, i guess that would count…considering I’m on a very fast paced life nowadays…]  whatever it may be, I will just  be accepting it as a part of life…


I just wanted to savor the last moments of what I can call a family — my former team [Team Clyde, under the tutelage of Clyde] who was with me as I journey in the path I chose. I am also positive that they would soar high like eagles who would want to be always on TOP… being always there to lift up my spirits and add zest to the gloomy and chaotic life that I live each day…

I just would like to also take note of the learnings I have gained from them and helping me become of what I am now… and for that I am very grateful…even as we parted ways, I know in my heart you will all be always my guiding light as I take the part destined for me.

For the second team that I am with, I cant exactly quantify the camaraderie I have with you guys and for the bond we share eventhough it was shortlived.

For the last team that I became part of, I couldn’t count the ways each of you has moulded me. In trying times, you have been with me providing support and the understanding beyond measure. For the times I havent performed well due to other pressing reasons, you –my team mates– served as the motivation to go on and strive for excellence beyond the norm. Although we have to part ways, I know deep down inside we will still be seeing each other to catch up on events. Thanks for everything…

this is my last bonding with the team
this is my last bonding with the team


this is half of the team
this is half of the team

And as I look back at these moments, I suddenly realized how blessed I am for this team… eventhough we have a lot of misunderstandings with my TL, I do still miss them especially my 2 ASGs Rosemarie and Scott…

the most rare meeting of the minds
the most rare meeting of the minds

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