hahai… [confessions of a bored mind]

in this age and time, i really cant blame oldies stating that younglings or should i say the youth are all selfish…[but i argue that its not true!] we are just having our own world that has our own state of existence…

in the past decades, its considered taboo for any teenager to have their own gadgets such as cellphones, ipods, laptops/palmtops, and mp3 players…nowadays, teenagers and also the yuppies are already having more than the usual gadgets…it made me think of the times wherein man have not invented so much because conversations are more intimate and personalized…even the art of writting love letters have died eons ago…

on my own musings today, i find it very sad that the art of writting to express someone’s feelings are already eradicated from the minds of the youth. i find it much more sincere to write your feelings and personally give the finished output than just merely sending it via text messaging… well, opinions vary from person to person and culture to culture…as for me, i do prefer still to receive letters from the person closest to my heart… ; )

so as i am typing this blog, he crossed my reverie again…he who is my self inflicted pain yet my blissful desire… i just cant fight the pain of not having him for myself…but then again, i know, he will by my own Edward Anthony Masen Cullen [Twilight!]

…i miss him so much but i cant find the urge to go near him or let him know what i feel..being rejected is way too much…im just hoping that underneath the light of the silvery moon, he would somehow think of me and remember who he is… i would also wish for him to hurry back to me…where i will be just here waiting… *sigh!*


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