new year, new job…

Well to start with, I’m happy that finally I have a new job of being a CSR…aside from the big compensation that I could get, I could also enjoy a new environment with a new set of friends and colleagues…even if it seems that the new job for me means new adjustment and new sacrifices, the point is I have a new job.

On the other hand, i was a bit of surprised with the way the final interview went through. Sometimes, the key to an award winning interview is to be natural and to flash your pearly whites… : )

Well, I’m looking forward to working on a new environment with lots of new friends and acquaintances and working on new innovative ideas to serve our would be clients… I realized now the meaning of being patient and to never cease in reaching for a higher ground. At the end of the day, a happy client will help the business grow and the people who work to keep the business alive [like us] will also reap the benefits and enjoy a happy life… ; )

This time around, I would not hesitate to prove my worth as an agent and I will also bear in mind that the job I have is the key for me to go up the corporate ladder at whatever cost. I will now start to think POSITIVE of everything that will come my way… Even though I miss my previous team, I know in God’s time we will all be reunited again to share our life’s struggles and achievements… A big KUDOS to those who made my dreams come true and for those who moulded me to be who I am now…


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