untitled ix [broken vow]


at my room…

fate may seem to pull us apart but my emotions can’t be stopped like the raging storm…

sympathy might be a thing for her but empathy holds true…her aura of mystique may mystify you but hold back! unspeakable perils lay forth…

…here i am again trying to piece everything …my life’s been changed since the day  you walked into my door. At first I thought I could have you all for myself, I thought finally I have found what I have been waiting for all my life…but I was wrong.

You have taught me how to live and how to love myslf. You showed me how to be the best person I could be…but then…everything was a lie…an illusion of ethereal bliss…an integration of both worlds…You’ve made life look like a rose-colored window with all the good things in store but how could you do this to me??? You’ve made me look like a fool! You let my world shatter with your senseless lies…stupidity is the major cause if this suffering…you’ve made me fall for you then after what happened…you had become the nemesis that always torment my soul and filled my daylight with unspeakable dread. You have forced me to seek unknown dangers lying ahead. How could you? You made me believed your real… that you have been my everything…it’s a LIE… : (


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