top ten LSS!

1. Here Without You [3 Doors Down] 2. Let Me Go [3 Doors Down] 3. Iris [Goo Goo Dolls] 4. Lips of an Angel [Hinder] 5. Lucky [Jason Mraz] 6. Fallin’ 7. Underneath it All [Gwen Stefani] 8. If I Believe [Jinky Vidal] 9. Incomplete [Sisqo] 10. 6 8 12 [Bryan McKnight???] Advertisements


OMG! that’s all I can say after what happend last night…I can’t believe I passed Phone Lab and I’m endorsed to a team in Ops…I will really miss the fun times during phone lab and the bloopers we had for the calls we made. After all, the credit goes to my self for being patient… Read More lethargic!