OMG!!![keeping it real!!!]

i cant believe this is happening! wait! reality check! am i the one who is supposed to get offended??? why am i the one adjusting??? on second thought, it would be very much easier to be on the other side of the fence… sadly, prejudice is always the first thing that happens… in the event that someone is on the opposite pole of the issue, it always boils down to being domineering and arrogant… well, tsk tsk tsk!

on the other hand, now i know why being radical is always being the safe choice of being true to everyone… i dont care if the world is against me as long as i am being true to myself and i haven’t violated other’s rights to life and freedom! f**k those who oppose!!! grrr!!!

in the coming days, i’ll be as carefree and will be a free thinker and continue to be radical since its the way that i’m born to be…gone are the days of my sensitivity to other’s opinions and ideas…it’s time for me to prove that I AM WHO I AM! i dont care if you oppose as long as i know i’m within my limits and i’m not hurting anyone… call me aggressive and dominating,  and intimidating IDC!!! as long as im alive, i will continue to be who and what am I…with or without the crowd’s consent coz in the very first place, the crowd is just an illusion, an escape from the harsh and sad realities of our human existence…

my motto for now is “keep it real no matter what happens and f**k those who oppose!” period!


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