OMG! that’s all I can say after what happend last night…I can’t believe I passed Phone Lab and I’m endorsed to a team in Ops…I will really miss the fun times during phone lab and the bloopers we had for the calls we made. After all, the credit goes to my self for being patient and hardworking in spite of all the issues I faced. I really missed the 3 people that was not included in the final Semperian Wave 3…

In the past few days that I have spent with them, I really learned a lot the hard way. I learned how to detach myself and to set aside my own opinions and shut up…even though its freakin’ hard to do! I have learned how to keep my own emotions inside of me… I have learned that trust is really gained in a very difficult way and much more difficult to keep…

There has been a lot of changes that occured…I’m just glad I did not lose my own individuality and my character, amidst the wave of intrigues, issues and myriad of other things trying to bring me down… I’m just wishing that they would stop and GROW UP!

To all my wavemates, a big KUDOS to you and more power! GO Semperian Wave 3!


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