s**t happens![diary of a lost souL]

i really hate it when i’m here all alone staring at the ceiling with the thought of not having him again to cuddle me up and to assure me that everything is fine and OK…oh well…maybe i just need to be  used to the fact that he is gone with the wind…: (

i may have gone in a blog hiatus[as  yan coined in the word] but i’m just here waiting to burst out!  i’m sick and tired of all the reminiscing crap i’ve been doing this past few months of 2009.  a lot of drastic changes happend and i’m still caught up in a whirlwind… i basically don’t know when i can catch up and be back to my old self. i miss my self–the kind of persona that i lost with him…

well, i guess i need to stop this nonsense illusion and move on… i need to be realistic so that i wont self destruct…


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