oh well…[missing team wolfpack hp tech]

at last, i have the time to think…i have the time to go my way…but then again, i’m just a grain of sand on a sunny beach…nobody really takes me seriously…not ever…so after my blog hibernation, here i am again doing the blog thing. things do change on a daily basis, even people you think who wont.

i’m glad i’ve seen my former team mates. they still make me feel whole even though we are not together as a team anymore. i miss the petty fights, the petty issues and the seemingly unending battle to be the best. they still prove that somehow life is worthwhile and there will still be hope amidst everything. i so missed all of them! i have missed the times wherein we talked about how to troubleshoot complicated things and in the process, discover real friendship standing the test of time. they made me realize the imperfection that we all have but then again, the uniqueness of the bond we shared. each of us hold the piece of the puzzle that constitutes the very foundation of the best team ever… as we part our ways to make way for much harder decisions in life, we always go back and remember the days we spent as one, sharing ideas, sharing thoughts, and sharing  L I F E.

guys, this blog page is in honor of you all. i wouldn’t have made it through if not for all of you. thanks for the courage and the moral support you have given me. thank you for the love that all of you have given unconditionally. for all the times we had arguments, for all the times when i was fighting for my life and juggling studies and work, you all never fail to give a reassuring nod, a simple smile or perhaps a pat on the back or a warm hug to let me know i can make it. now that i have traversed a very difficult time in my life, i will forever cherish the times and the opportunity i have spend with you guys. you have proven you’re worth and you all made me realize my worth as well… thanks for everything gurls… love you all… : (


Team Leader: Kristan G. Riaz

ASG: Scott Brian Lequido, Eng’r Marc John Perez, Rosemarie Dejos


daryl[dee], sherlie[sherl],clint[clintoy],jude[juday], juanito[bhugz],roque[roxio],john jacob[magno],john rey[hjie],james[yaiyim],mae shayne[shayne],sotero[jhay-r],jovemycin[mojacko/mia], lucille[luting], harold[harold], emmanuel[borgy],jeane[jL],raphael nikolai[nik]

mark[macky], calvin[calvs], ramses[ashLey], victor[vic]


ranulfo[nik], michelle[ishang],mignard oniel[migz]

4 thoughts on “oh well…[missing team wolfpack hp tech]

  1. …I was lazily browsing the net and was too late to have realized, that I already dropped my jaw. I then felt a wet sensation on my eyes as I read it the second time. It all felt nostalgic especially now that I’m heartbroken on a concrete floor and I’m still picking up the pieces (thanks to that girl tweentyseven)
    So here I am and I can’t resist to comment =)

    Everyone has come a long way, to think that we started like seemingly an ordinary team.
    Some of us are entering the parenting world while some have found soulmates and their loving it!
    Team Wolfpacks still lives. Even if the cast is not the same, legacy continues…everytime I meet my new team and new agents, Wave 9 Wolfpack will always be the highlights.

    Call it melodrama but I know it’s where real action is.

    To everyone:
    Just like what JL said, please remember this, even if it appears that we were always in search for being the best team ever, your memories and friendship has what made team wolfpack a success and the Best… I have always thought of you guys like my own sons and daughters.

    You have grown up to be a strong woman. not a girl anymore 🙂 You have always faced challenges with a smile and a positive attitude. Your a free-spirited person. I know your mom is very proud of you.
    thank you and we miss you too.

  2. Kakaiyak naman toh! tagalog aq nosebleed nah with blood drops on my tab. hahha.. wish we can be together again TEAM Wolfpack! Wag kayong mag busy2han dyan. Mahirap magkumbinsi sa taong hindi namn busy.. Masmahirap din magpapansin sa mga taong hindi pumapansin… :0 kahit pa tumaas kilay nyo kasi hindi nyo kami gusto love ko parin kayo.. like nng MC Do. and i will not let you down like REXONA.. …. ads continue….

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