ice cold rage…

to all who have bloated egos and have been airheads for the past month:

i really had a very bad feeling these days…it started out as a very small nagging disappointed that resulted into a full blast rage…i still cant figure out why im trully enraged with it…im the type of person who does not want to make a comment unless it really gets into my nerves…well, if they have been affected by what i said, its their fault!

the fact that i have kept my silence for so long is enough for me to shrug off the revenge plot slowly forming in my head but the thing is, you all have reached the pinnacle of my patience… now iv decided to work things out the way it should be… im a very loyal and trustworthy friend but don’t ever try to abuse my kindness and loyalty or else you’ll be sorry you were born… i don’t care if you all were hurt by the fact that i can slap your own face with what i earn, the point is, i have made my amends for the lapse of critical judgement i have but it seemed that it only fanned the flame of controversy and conflict… never ever test the limits of my patience since you all will not survive it…you all think that you have the right to do things that you think is right but, you all will not last…

i will still have the last ACE and the last LAUGH.


One thought on “ice cold rage…

  1. Hi jL! musta? can I invite as an author of

    – you can email me for your username and password.



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