spur of the moment… [d**m!!!]

here i am again, doing the blog since i really dont have much time these days…im having a good time today eventhough unhappy circumstances came my way…

1st is the very bad calls i received today..its a very long shift and a dragging one at that…well enough of that…

2nd stop: i went to a friend’s house and rediscover friendship…i never thought i would be this happy even if we were a bit of crowded on the place…it seemed a haven for all of us there—mami, zumie and jessa and baby jb… we were having so much fun that  almost forgot the time…till next time guys…

3rd stop: im here at my cuzin’s crib making full use of their net connection to do some facebook, friendster and of course to update my blog. the good thing about this one is that eventhough im  not having enough sleep, still the bond we share was exceptional..i was enjoying myself so much that i realized i havent enjoyed this much in my entire life… 🙂

well, on the other hand, im not really letting go of the thought that im falling for someone i treated as a brother and a best friend…[oh no! not again…arrgggggh!] but eventhough its like that, i would just be contented on the thought that we will just be best of friends…its better that way…

well, i think this is all for now… i’l just be continuing listening to good music here for the rest of the afternoon and just chill myself…i love to live the good life here..everything is laid back and there are no worries to bug yourself on.. 🙂


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