i have to move on!

recently i just got into the realization that i have to live my life as if it were the last…some things just got way out of the way sometimes… even if i want to make the most out of everything, still it’s not enough… 😦

during the last days of malcku’s wake, i realized that nothing should be delayed since it will only produce tears and regrets. well, it’s true… the sad reality of one’s parting and the inconsolable loss made me think twice and reflect on my life again… a question popped out into my head. what if i don’t get the chance of telling every one important in my life that i love them??? what if i don’t get the chance to enjoy my youth since i have a lot of responsibilities and obligations laid down for me??? what if… i die??? certainly when that happens, i don’t know what lies ahead for me… i can never be ready to die but at least, i have tried to be ready for it… death and dying is a normal physiological process we undergo…but somehow it paved the way for another chapter of our life…

so now let me add up a verse on my fave song now… it reflects how much i feel for the moment now…

i can be all you want me to be…when everything’s small and i’d still be here…if you’re feeling this pain and i’ll still be waiting for you… only for you…

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