learning the art of letting go…

here i am again from my blog hibernation… seemed that everyone is getting married all of a sudden… well, i couldn’t blame then to be carried away by the blushing bride/june bride concept. it’s just that, why are they all too in a hurry? nobody knows for sure except for the couple themselves. pardon me for ranting this way but i just can’t hide the disgust i’m feeling!

here i am trying to be the most sane person to handle a relationship. here i am trying to be more practical and realistic and provided my significant other all the care and rational understanding i could muster. but then again, he got the nerve to leave me in the middle of nowhere and then just disappeared without further explanations. so stupid of me to believe all the lies… and the downside of it is that i’ve fallen for him — hard.

i cant continue being this NAIVE all along… sometimes i wish i haven’t known him so that i would be spared of this agony… 😥

i promised my self that i will let go of him no matter what the cost is. and i will be victorious in this endeavor. i will!


One thought on “learning the art of letting go…

  1. looking back at all the things that you were, Certainly, that was a clear sign of parting— or should I say moving on. you may shed a tear or two at the thought of it. But tears couldn’t stop time going..be strong Jeane..tc..=)

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