a new leaf…

i decided to quit… to find myself immersed in the calmness of the sea and the tranquility of the clear waters and the blue skies… i decided to quit to preserve my pride… yes i have done that and i have come to the point that i cant care less regarding people around me… i understand that human as i am, i have short comings and i have imperfections… but still i cant stand to please everyone since its not my nature and my character in the first place.

i decided to turn on a new leaf… to start back to square one and then to search for my lost self… i miss the old “me”… the one who was carefree and was not feeling any pressure and insecurities… i miss the poet in me…  i miss the real people who knows me inside and out… i miss the times where i can meditate and relax and contemplate…

i decided to turn on a new leaf… to be free from the hurt and the suffering i have inside… to floodgate my emotions so that i can feel the lightness of a healing heart… i cant justify the emotions i felt when i decided to let go of my callcenter job since it taught me how to be tough on everything… but letting it go opened gazillions of opportunities i never imagined i could get! i simply cant get over it now…

but turning another leaf has bought me a good batch of new experiences that i cant forget… i just have to muster enough strength to veer on and be brave enough to utter the words “i have made it without your HELP” but then again i guess that would be unfair for my Windows 7 family as well as my CVG family…

well, in this case, i guess we would just have to learn from all of our mistakes and then move one… i will miss the guys i have been with at CVG… from the trainers to the TLs and down to the agents specially my team mates [both new and old]… i just wanted to express what i feel and what i think now that i have my own space in this corner of the planet.


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