saving the ocean meant saving precious lives…

i just got hold of one news paper today and one stark realization hit me. today is world ocean day and once again, i’m reminded of the destruction that its facing. the world’s oceans comprises more than half of the planet and it has been, from time immemorial, the source of all life.

a few years ago, i went home to my mother’s province and together with some friends, made a cultural mapping project. it was supposedly a school work – boring it may sound but then, it turned out to be the toughest project we’ve been through that tested our friendship. well, it actually resulted into shocking revelations on the effect of cyanide fishing and POACHING of corals. even the fish species are suffering the effects and it seemed like a domino effect on the other marine life species, too. we found out that there are a lot of local fisher folk who does not have any inkling of the hazards they are introducing to the diverse life of the seas and its nearby environs.

in cebu area alone, authorities are doubling their efforts to stop marine life poaching and export but then again, what’s really sad to note is that, the person on top of the echelon is indifferent and does not seem to care at all!

i just hope somebody will be enlightened and will start the crusade on saving our seas. this is the only planet we have and we can’t expect another chance at survival. if only the entire HUMAN RACE will listen to the silent cries of Mother Nature, then somehow, changes can be reverted… 😦

”]a rare captivating sight where the skies met the seas...

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