still life

as i stare at the blank wall, i realize that sometimes life has its own ups and downs. what may be favorable today might not be acceptable tomorrow. what goes around comes around, and what goes up must come down, as the song goes.

there are times when i feel like im really in the brink of giving up and calling it quits, sometimes even thinking of ending it all…but at the end of the day, these things made me shape up and make the most out of it. feelings of frustration and disappointment may characterize every single day but then again, what’s the point of lingering when we can all move on?

as i bask in the crimson rays of the morning sun, i then ask myself, what is the most important thing for me to do today? do i make time for me? do i think of choosing to be happy today? what have i done to make others happy? what will i do to help others out?

these questions may bug me for the rest of the day but it then served as a reminder to be focused on my main goal : ENJOYING LIFE AT ITS FULLEST WITHOUT PAYING A HIGH PRICE OF GETTING LUXURIOUS THINGS AT THE OTHER’S EXPENSE.

each of us has its own choices to make for the day. hope you get your choices right.


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