a saturday to remember… a visit to the dojo…

last saturday, i made the final resolve to visit the Dojo that i’ve used to spend my Saturday afternoons with. after almost 7 long years of hiatus, i was able to come back to the place where i always felt i belong… a place where i can always find the tranquility amid the chaos around. i felt an overwhelming happiness and comfort to pass through its doors for the first time after i have graduated. memories flood back and i could see myself preparing for class, doing stretching/calisthenics, doing slashes and stances together with the rest of my fellow kohais’ and senpais’.

i felt as if i have traveled to a different time and the feel of the dojo is still the same old musty comfortable place. for most students, its  just a plain PE room with chairs and old fashioned wall fans…but for me, it was the place where i found peace and enlightenment and a place where i can harness my energy and improve my skills. it was also the place where i found lasting friendships with my instructors as well as my colleagues — people who may be low keyed for most of the academe, but will always be my benchmark for improvement.  i felt delight in seeing Sensei after a long time and how he encouraged me to come back and practice. i felt pressured but he assured me that everything will be fine and i will just regain my fluidity and swiftness if i ENJOY what i am doing. on the greater part, Sensei Gani was right. i just need to be open minded just like i have been before and enjoy what i do on and off the mat.

i guess its high time to come back and practice for the rest of the year. gotta hit the mat with my GI [practice kimono/slacks] and my bokuto [wooden sword]. i guess my concentration and focus will follow.  🙂  bruises and muscle spasms may follow but then, its all WORTH it. 🙂


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