best sand box :) [memories of Tingko Beach]

i love the beach! it just invigorates me and revitalizes me the moment i step foot on the sea foam. collecting seashells, admiring the fine crystalline sand, basking on the soft glow and warmth of the sun, the gentle crashing of the waves to the shore, this is really heaven for me. 🙂

the sea brought me renewed hope that whatever happened, i will still feel better after all. it has a certain alluring effect that really captivated me to find out what secrets it will unfold.

getting over my fear in the deep water and somehow immersing myself in the sea provided me new strength. as a real Piscean at heart, being at the beach cultivates my creative juices and lets me compose prose, poetry and other art forms. i just wanted to be the artist i NEVER was. at least by the beach, i can have my own solitude, my own canvass and my own stage.

gentle sea foam on a quiet afternoon
gentle sea foam on a quiet afternoon…



2 thoughts on “best sand box :) [memories of Tingko Beach]

  1. We just visited Tingko with Ivane last Sunday. We fell in love with the place though it was not our first time, actually it was my 3rd and Ivane’s 2nd but never it fail to excite us still!!! nice place and its just close by!!

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