random thoughts

there days when i really dont feel like i am worth anything. call it the paranoia but then, s**t just happens. i understand that i am not perfect, neither does anybody else. but then, as i looked upon the horizon one morning after i got out from work, i realized these thoughts:

~ every one needs to have a say on something. always. either good or bad.

~ even if you already had the best day, something will just happen to destroy it, either annoying colleagues, stupid slow elevator, unexpected rainfall, etc.

~ there are things money can’t buy. happiness at the most simplest gesture or being brutally honest are just a few.

~ there’s always a bright side to everything. it may seem gloomy at first, but hey, as long as you don’t bash, nag, brag or covet something that’s not yours, then it should be FINE.

~ you will never know who your true friends are. not unless if you are placed in a very tight situation.

~ things will turn out unexpectedly and for some reason, it will always be in a weird way.

invigorating sunrise
invigorating sunrise

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