it’s the climb!

to start of with, this post is not about Miley Cyrus’s song, The Climb. i just wanted to create this out of the need to vent out. these past few days had been a whirlwind. a lot had happened.

disappointments, race for survival with eyes on the prize[a.k.a regularization], adjusting to new updates, info overload, migraine + insomnia + colds + menstrual discomfort and cramps are just of the misfortunes I had for the past week up until today. although I’ve met new friends to somehow lighten my mood, still it would not suffice. what really irked me was the thought that I could have done something to push through with my plans but still it will entail losing one of the most important things in my life — my JOB. if I could have been the employee I was before, I could have taken the leap of following what my heart desires, but wait, reality check! things will not come my way as easy as I could have imagined it would be. not this time though.

so here I am, continuing with my rest day, thinking of doing something aside from getting the laundry fixed and cooking food for everyone.

oh, I realize one thing. achieving your goal not only entails hard work, perseverance and the will to get it done. it also needs the correct strategy on how to win the game. although it seemed that sometimes, the end doesn’t prove the means, then it only proves one thing. its how you climb uphill while conquering the obstacles and remember, you can never reach the top with downhill thoughts.


**random thoughts on a rest day**


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