another summit – a new chapter begins

well, to start of with, in a few days i will be celebrating my 26 years in existence. so to cap it off, i had made my not-so-famous 26 things i realized list before i officially turn a year older.

1. i still had a fascination to reach summits, explore the depths of the ocean, and experience Mother Nature at its best. [which i really haven’t realized for some years now]. i liked the idea of spending my weekends with nature, whether its at the beach or at the mountain tops.

2. i still find it very unethical for people to wag their degrees, accomplishments, “medals” in front of my face and still doesn’t even had the slightest idea of how it is to be empathetic and humble, i mean let’s face it guys, no amount of achievement can suffice and compensate your lack of manners. that only shows how birdbrained you are.

3. im still a huge fan of mushy films though. i seldom watch movies, and when i do, i pick those that can be heart wrenching…titanic, the notebook, the phantom of the opera are just some of the movies that i have loved for all time.

4. i totally abhor suspense thriller, horror, gruesome movies. i just dont get the point why a lot of people will watch this piece of crap.

5. im such a beach bum! i love collecting small, tiny stuff from the beach before but that changed when i became ecologically aware of its indirect impact to nature destruction. i have stopped collecting sand grains, broken shells, bleached pieces of corals, urchin skeletons, etc.

6. i wanted to explore much of the philippine islands still. i cant find the reason why people mask their ulterior motive of profit generation with the so called “ecotourism”. it’s just ridiculous that divers, spelunkers, hikers/trekkers and the like will be vocal about conserving the ecosystems we exist but really failed to get to the bottom of the problem — understanding how these ecosystems work and how they have a great impact on our daily living.

7. i still do believe that everything can be settled and sorted out with a cool demeanor, rational thinking, neutral state of mind and of course, a cold tanduay ice to accompany it.

8. i am still a writer, blogger, creative thinker, ruthlessly ambitious in some way and will not stop until i accomplish my goals. i just need to shift gears for everyday obstacles though.

9. i am very much versatile in my music genre taste, still.

10. i dont eat veggies still. period.

11. i go by hard drinks…i dont go by beer.. simple as that…i dont like the heavy head feeling of hang over after 2 cases of RH beer. its just too much to handle. my brain cells are shrinking!

12. i dont really like staying indoors much, not unless i need to recover from sleepless RD days or if i was exhausted from a physical activity. if i do stay indoors, i update my social media sites and blog.

13. i still dream to own a DSLR cam so that i can capture memories, not just photos.

14. i plan to learn this skills… swimming, biking, kayaking, diving before i reach 27!

15. i am still willing to learn a new skill/hobby everyday to sharpen my mind. i believe that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so better get my creative juices flowing than be idle and unproductive for the rest of the day.

16. i will enhance my cooking prowess this year! i MUST!

17. i will change my wardrobe into dryfit shirts, trek pants and cycling pairs so that i can be more dynamic and always on the go. i dont like it when im wearing bulky clothes…i feel like im chained and imprisoned to a fashion statement that is not meant for me.

18. i plan to reach these summits before i reach 27… Osmena Peak, Mt. Manunggal, Mt. Kitanglad, and the last but not the least, Mt. APo! 🙂

19. i wanted to explore uncharted waters and deserted islands and discover what lies ahead.

20. i wanted to go to a gastronomic delight trip across the Philippines and discover what the local regions has to offer when it comes to FOOD. that’s what really matters. 🙂

21. i still prefer to drink WATER to quench my THIRST. soda and coffee might be there but nothing beats WATER to regulate body temp. this is really helpful since im getting migraine pains lately.

22. i wanted to gain new friends and keep the current ones. I value each new found and old friends as rare as GOLD and as precious as DIAMONDS. friends come in various types, wavelengths and of course, attitudes. i know i have my own attitude, and not most of my acquaintances can get the hang of it, but once you know me BETTER, then you would know who i REALLY AM. no ifs, no buts, no pretensions. just plain, RAW, unedited and updated version of ME.

23. i prefer to wear ethnic accessories than silver or gold ones. i feel very proud of my culture, of my character as a FILIPINO. i value and see this type of dressing up as giving honor and credit to our ancestors to actually started the trend of wearing these accessories. wooden beads, small rocks, shells, glass beads, natural twine or fibrous filaments made into a sturdy cord created the hallmark for my “burloloys”. I am a descendant of a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Filipino lifeblood and I dont care what others may think. They might seem this is eccentric and out of style, but for me, this is my way of speaking up my mind and setting up my style.

24. i prefer to eat out with families and friends than dine alone. although sometimes, i value my solitude and privacy, i somehow prefer to have a spontaneous conversation with friends, family and other loved ones during mealtime. this is the only time that i will know their thoughts and how their day went.

25. i am an affectionate and hugging type of person. i easily show affection for my friends, relatives and sometimes to acquaintances. this is my way of telling them they are valued and loved by me and whatever happens, i am always here to support and accept them…despite differences, despite attitudes, despite beliefs and creed, i am just here. 🙂

26. i am a person who has a record of important dates in my life. birthday reminders, past relationship broke-ups, important trip dates [trekking, outdoor activities, first aid stations, trainings, etc] is always on my cellphone. and my phone is charged always making it available 24/7.

so these are my realizations before i turn 26. hope that this list will be a bit longer as i matured and grow in wisdom. 🙂


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