a stairway up to Mt. Apo?! seriously? you gotta be kidding!

being on a rest day mode for the start of the holy week allowed me to browse thru most of the post on my FB groups and i came across one pressing issue that really made me irritated at some point.

i grew up spending my summers in my hometown in Olango, Aloguinsan and we have a place near the house that is considered as a view deck or a water divide. this is where i usually would spend my afternoons watching the clouds passing by, watching how the skies change hues and how the crystal blue seas can be seen from that altitude.  as the afternoon progressed, i would then transfer to a nearby old mango tree that had seen better days to enjoy its shade. and i would say i had been satiated from those summers and it molded me to be as calm and as positive as i am now.

this issue really irked me a lot since it will only mean one thing. destruction and possible wipe out of the entire population on the area. imagine walking through rice fields or meadows beneath the mountain and you will find a very gigantic structure that marred the façade of the mountain…and perhaps in the bright sunlight, it will be a very horrific and out of this world landmark that will serve as a disturbing mirage for both mountaineers and average local folks. so it’s not just a big slap on the face for us who wanted to really enjoy not only the view but the opportunity to keep it for the coming generations who wanted to marvel at this very unique creation of God, but who have been deaf on the pleas of the rest of the outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to keep up and conserve this legacy.

what was the kidapawan LGU and the rest of the provincial/municipal government thinking on proposing this? havent they realized that the mere fact of proposing a stairway to Mt. Apo is just like offering a poisonous drink with a lemonade marking on the glass??? havent they learned the lesson of the past calamities? havent they thought of the effects that cutting down of trees had on the present climate??? or maybe they wanted to suffer the same fate as the other helpless fellowmen who lost their families, loved ones, homes and property due to landslides and flash floods??? seriously, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???

let me end this on a rather sad note. we are all stewards of God’s creation since we are part of it. problem is, we always think that we can go above and beyond what God can do. may this Lenten Season remind us that GOD is the only, and always will, be the last judge. he will never let his creation be destroyed by low life human forms who are so engrossed on  being profitable at the price of others — be it with humans, objects or nature. we should always strive to get involved of the solution and NOT the PROBLEM.



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