Chillax sessions at Alta Cebu. Where else? :)

last year just before the dawn of Halloween, i was invited by my friend who happened to be a sister from another mother [read, “igsu” in Cebuano] to try to explore her hideaway, Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center. i was quiet hesitant a bit to go considering of the distance and what it would take to go there, but the outdoor gal in me persisted. 🙂

i then ventured out and explored the place. at first i noticed that it was like a garden grove of soft unfolding trees on the pathway with a rusty wooden gate. the ambiance made me feel like im in a mountain resort in the suburbs. when i arrived at the lobby, i was really impressed on the wooden design and  ingenuity the materials showed from the main abode to the pool. i noticed that the owner was using regenerating materials such as wood, nipa, and with a thick foliage to accentuate the main focal point of the entrance.

i was literally lost in the maze of pathways leading to different areas of the resort. at first glance, one will really think that she/he resides in a forest with lush vegetation and of course, having an oasis to cool down.

this is the thing i like most about Alta. the warm reception of the staff, the cooling sensation of the gentle wind that blows over the entire foliage and the sound of the gushing water from the mini fountain and the seemingly miniature KOI pond. everything in it reminds me of life and work balance, attracting positive KI and imbibing an aura of warmth and dynamism.

till my next odyssey to this paradise. 🙂


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