lakat-lakat, katkat, padidit! [BMC session 3: wrap up with the masters]

finally, after a very productive weekend, i was able to sit down and blog about my thoughts. you see, i have completed [at last!] the staggered stages of Basic Mountaineering Course 101.

my primary reason of joining such course is to appreciate what is left of our natural resources. i may not be a purist when it comes to LNT principles since i am changing the course of my lifestyle, but then, being made aware of the destruction and the negative impact of the industrialization footprint concerned me a lot. the bmc opened my eyes to harsh realities and the very slim chance of being able to reverse what the majority of the populace had done.

so as we prepared to travel to mt. Manunggal, i noticed that i only bought a very small bag compared to my teammates. but it came with it the necessary things needed for the climb. i was surprised by the fact that i was able to compress my belongings in a very small bag for hiking [20 L only i guess].

BMC Phase 3:
Day 1: From Mt. Manunggal to Tabunan Virgin Forest (Camped)
Day 2: Tabunan Forest to Udlom-Cantipla Forest, Udlom-Taptap and uphill to Gov Leyson’s Peak!
Activities: Map Reading, Compass Reading, Orienteering, Navigating, Camping, mountain cooking 101, Sight-seeing and scenic viewing, and unlimited up and down extreme 2-day hiking.
Weather Condition: Very Sunny then abrupt change to Very Rainy and vice versa, slight Thunderbolt and lightning.
Terrain: Rocky, Very Very Muddy and Very Slippery  —- credits to Arjim since i was not able to take note on our paths.

this ITI was a very compressed one. in fact, we were not able to follow the timing for the ITI since we were delayed of 2 hours from day 1. with day 2, we woke up at 6 am but was able to break camp by 10 am. 🙂 since most of us [including me] are first timers in this training/major climb, we were a bit dumbfounded and overwhelmed with the difficulty of the terrain and the scenic view. i experienced having slipped at the trails and my right wrist got a bit sprained. luckily, it didn’t progressed to something serious. familiarization of trail signs was very important as well.

after we had lunch at Udlom, we went downhill to pass by the river and re hydrate. at that point, i was able to notice first time in my life how gracious the water was flowing and the rocks were situated in a way that it represents balance and harmony. the water was very clear and very pristine.

after we were almost through with our trek uphill, i noticed that we were able to traverse a lot of places and for me, it was an achievement. i may have certain shortcomings during the trek but with determination and trust within myself and the sweepers [Aaron and Sir Joel], i was able to surpass the limitation that i set on myself. i was able to move forward and beyond and after that, i was able to prove myself that i can DO IT and i can MAKE IT! 🙂

Leave NO TRACE principles:

1. Plan Ahead of Time

2. Be considerate of Others

3. Respect Nature [wildlife, etc]

4. Camps are found, not made [always pitch camps on durable and stable ground]

5. Dispose WASTE properly [segregate!]

6. LEAVE what you find. Stick to the trails as much as possible specially on pristine places [beach, rock trails, mountain trails, etc.]

7. Minimize camp fire impacts [in short, know when and when not to use fire…thou shall not kompyans!]

though i may not have posted the pics here, i know that at some point last weekend, i was able to get great learning, skills upgrade, solid decision making and on top of that, i was able to gain more friends and enjoyed camaraderie of all sorts. 🙂 till our next climb! 🙂



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