hinungaw sa hunahuna [rantings of an outdoor enthusiast]

as i wake up today, i remembered what transpired the other night. there are really people whom you cannot please. be it because its due to their background, race, creed and beliefs. and then, still they had the audacity to badmouth you and then walk out. i mean this is really rude of them!

moreover, i realized this i ate my breakfast:

1. true friends are really hard to find. much more harder to trust them and make sure they dont stab you either at the front or at the back. good thing i have my TRUE and TRUSTED FRIENDS to back me up as i ascend the summit of life.

2. there are people who will really pull you down despite your good deeds to them.

3. KARMA is just around the corner.

4. people who loves issues cant stand a day without making up stories and issues resulting to conflicts and contradictions. wew. these people are like chameleons, very expert in mimicry and camouflage.

5. great skill + simple attitude + humility = well rounded outdoor individual.

6. mediocre skill + lack of attitude = insecure individuals

these really made me push myself to jump out of my bed and check on my messages. well, i still cant blame them. different strokes for different folks as they say, but hey, at least, do a background check before you even think of messing with me or with my friends. you just might get surprised! ciao!






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