yaka-yaka, chika2x, chill2x [BMC Session 1 with ORGASMates]

there was a time when all i did was wish that i can have everything. but then reality check, things don’t come easy. you have to bleed for it.  as i am doing this blog entry, i remembered that the other Sunday, i attended another Basic Mountaineering Course with my friends. this time, it was put together with the help of friends so that we can have a clear view of what are the do’s and dont’s in basic backpacking.

although this is my second time to join such,  the thrill of learning new things and updates is still high. the adrenaline rush is super! 🙂

i had my refresher on this since i was already finished for the first batch. we had a lot of fun during the session. we made friends with other individuals with the same line of thinking.

will then provide the  snaps next time… can seem to upload the pix via bluetooth! gggggrrrrrr!



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