lakat2x, chika2x, piktyur2x..BMC Session 3 ala ORGASM!

a week after the much awaited Friendship Climb year 5 by our mountaineer friends, we happened to finish the last phase of our Basic Mountaineering Course. this is the culmination of our entire BMC course and this will test us if indeed, we had learned. and true enough, these peeps really learned a lot! πŸ™‚ these were the topics covered on the said course:

> Land Navigation
> Camp Selection
> Camp Management
> Water Management
> Sanitation
> LNT Principle

Aside from that, i happen to keep track of our old Itinerary for the pioneering batch which i was originally part of. it was such a great feeling to be back on the trails once again with my backpack. i may not have brought the big bag expected of an outdoor enthusiast, but it all boils down on how the things were packed. πŸ™‚ a lot of challenges were met during the planning phase of this course. there had been a couple of times that trial and error method has been the choice to arrive at decisions such as meal plans, transpo, etc. in the end, we all learned a lot and valued each companion in the journey as our own. lessons that i learned on the entire journey:

1. never underestimate a mountain. it will always find a way to humble you down.

2. always step on the rock that welcomes you. if in the event it does not, then treat is as a lesson for improvement next time.

3. always RESPECT locals and the environment you are in. we are just transient travelers, we do not own the place.

4. keep voices down to a minimum to prevent NOISE POLLUTION.

5. motivating yourself that you can do it will greatly help you in finishing the entire trail trek. SMILE! πŸ™‚

a glimpse of our followed IT which i was lucky to experience:

Route: Mt. Manunggal via Mauyog traverse to Brgy Taptap

Day 1:

0600 hrs assembly at McDonalds JY
0630 hrs ETD Mt Manunggal
0830 hrs ETA Mt Manunggal
> review on basic topics from bmc session 1 and 2
> Basic Land Navigation
1130 hrs LUNCH
1230 hrs ETD Mt. Mauyog
1400 hrs ETA Mt. Mauyog [summitting is optional depending on PACE]
1430 hrs ETD for Tabunan Forest
1700 hrs ETA Tabunan Forest
1730 hrs camp set up
1830 hrs Prepare Dinner/Dinner/Socials
2100 hrs TAPS [lights out!]

Day 2:

0500 hrs Wake up call
0600 hrs Prepare breakfast
0700 hrs Breakfast
0730 hrs break camp
0830 hrs start of trek ETD for cantipla forest
1000 hrs ETA Cantipla Forest
1130 hrs Udlom [working LUNCH]
1230 hrs ETD Linut-od Falls
1300 hrs ETA Linut-od Falls
1400 hrs ETD Gov Leyson’s Peak
1700 hrs ETA Gov Leyson’s Peak [this is where the jeep waited]
1730 hrs ETD for Cebu City
1830 hrs ETA Cebu City

here are some of our pixies:

compass reading activity

Compass Reading Activity


at Ka Guining Falls πŸ™‚


Most Funny Meal Group: Boodle Style! πŸ™‚


The ORGASM children with Mama Luz πŸ™‚


The Guining Falls πŸ™‚


Trying to find the correct coordinates..hehehe! πŸ™‚


Another view of the falls’ environ


The Official Tarp for Basic Mountaineering Course Phase 3 πŸ™‚


The list of passengers that passed away with Pres Magsaysay 😦


Pure and blissful beauty [only found in the wilderness]


light and shade πŸ™‚


Bloopers 101 πŸ™‚


Map and Compass Reading 101 πŸ™‚


Ka Guining Falls top view πŸ™‚


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