hazmat what!? o.O

as i was browsing through my notes this early dawn i noticed one very important scribbling that i had forgotten for two years now. i had it researched before during my stint at the now defunct business Talima Adventure and Water Park. i was still young then, still learning the tricks of the trade and re kindling my passion for the outdoors. this info is really helpful specially when you are dealing with foreign objects that hasn’t been identified yet.

here are my scribbling from eons past. i got this from the internet somewhere either in Wikipedia or with the North Eastern University Boston MA website. just go ahead and look. open for comments and corrections. 🙂

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: defined as any substance or material that could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers and carriers during transport.

NINE CLASSES of HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: as defined by North Eastern University of Boston MA

HAZARD CLASS 1: EXPLOSIVES [1.1 mass explosion hazard, 1.2 projectile hazard, 1.3 minor blast/projectile/fire, 1.4 minor blast, 1.5 insensitive explosives, 1.6 very insensitive explosives] —- i didnt realized there are insensitive explosives..sheesh!

HAZARD CLASS 2: COMPRESSED GASES [2.1 flammable gases, 2.2 non flammable compressed, 2.3 poisonous]

HAZARD CLASS 3: FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS [3.1 flammable with flash point below 141 degrees, 3.2 flash point 141-200 degrees]

HAZARD CLASS 4: FLAMMABLE SOLIDS [4.1 flammable solids, 4.2 spontaneously combustible, 4.3 dangerous when wet]

HAZARD CLASS 5: OXIDIZERS AND ORGANIC PEROXIDES [5.1 oxidizer, 5.2 organic peroxide]

HAZARD CLASS 6: [6.1 materials that are poisonous, 6.2 infectious agents] — i guess this refers to poisonous plants 🙂

HAZARD CLASS 7: RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL [radioactive I, radioactive II, radioactive III]

HAZARD CLASS 8: CORROSIVE MATERIALS [can destruct the human skin, can corrode STEELE at a rate of 0.25 inches per year]

HAZARD CLASS 9: MISCELLANEOUS [any material that presents a hazard during shipment but does not meet the definition of other classes]


flammable liquid (category 3)


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