through the fire [when passion meets interest and moonshot thinking]

when you are really passionate about something, then don’t let anything hinder you for it. shoot for the stars. —- quoting Mr. Ryan Morales, Country Manager for Marketing, GOOGLE during the 1st ever Google Days Cebu.

sometimes, when i am so consumed with my passion to write or to go far beyond what is average and normal, most would think that i have gone crazy and out of bounds. well partly true for someone who is has the flair for anything that has to do with poetry, music, arts and nature. if i won’t be able to express my thoughts, speak up mind or sing my emotions out, they tend to be bottled up and suddenly burst in unexpected timing. and i get slightly depressed when i can’t be as creative in a day. as for me, a person can be unique and creative in his/her own way of expressing his/her train of thought. in this challenging digital era, sometimes we always tend to forego with the basics like communication and personal interaction.

now going back to the words that i quoted above. i was really amazed at the reality that GOOGLE is into moonshot thinking. what i mean by this is that, they tend to think crazy, animated thoughts 10x ahead of our time, making it almost impossible and unbelievable for the faint hearted. what really captivated me was the fact that Moonshot Thinking fuels the innovations, ideas and brilliant processes that GOOGLE has been implementing for the past years. its very refreshing to know that most of the innovations they have done started with a desire to tell stories and incorporate everyday life in a snap by integrating complicated technology into something so seamless and easy to comprehend. there is still much space to be explored in this lifetime. i, for one, wanted to explore more on the mountains and nature while documenting them to preserve memories and wanted to reminisce it in the future 🙂

endless times, my passion to share stories that I write of what i have seen with my eyes have been really fulfilling. and i am sharing this because i have a dream. and it is to make life more worthwhile and beautiful.






like the rushing water, my emotions run as vibrant and as strong.
like the carefree wind, my thoughts run as smooth and colorful
like the sturdy boulders, i affirm my resolve to live a life
without hesitation, without regrets
always moving forward, always shooting for the moon
—- viajera cebuana


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