of coconuts and sunshine: beating the summer heat where adventures began

my blog hiatus ended when i accidentally left my yogurt in the freezer for two days. it was one of those days when i really wanted to get some refreshment to cool me off on a very hot day. when i tried to eat it, at first it felt weird since there are frost particles and the berry bits are a bit crunchy in contrast to the sweltering heat i felt even indoors.  anyway, as i continued eating it, it provided another heavenly experience that I had never felt before. it was like the first time i ever set foot at the mountains when i was still in my childhood years. more like a bittersweet reverie for my soul. 🙂

as  i was spending summer vacations at my father’s province in Brgy Olango, Aloguinsan, Cebu, in the interior part of the mountains, i always had this curiosity to always be in tune with nature, where i can spend time staring at the distant Mt. Kanlaon of Negros while I savor the gentle summer breeze blowing on my hair. i always vow to myself that one day, i will explore what is over and beyond that other side of the mountain and be mesmerized by it. aside from doing nature trips by myself within the 1 mile radius of our local town, i always make it a point to drink fresh water from young coconuts that are abundant near our grandpa’s home. you see, we have two houses that we can always choose where to sleep. one was  in the roadside near the market. another one was above in the mountains where you need to trek at least 30 minutes uphill assault and another 20 minutes rolling trail. there are two ways to reach the house, one as mentioned earlier and the other one is the long cut way which is around an hour hike of rolling and uphill assault trails passing by the chapel and the elementary school. chances are, if you get lucky, trail wont be slippery and erased if it’s not raining the prev weeks or if the farmer who owns/tills the land had not started yet. if its raining and farming season has started, then you just have to choose the lesser evil [trail] so to speak. 🙂 I remember back when I was younger that we have designations as to where my cousins and I would sleep. and if we are tasked to sleep at the other house up there, we would always do improvised lanterns made of bamboo and the “lamparilla” or coil lamps with a jar of kerosene. and always, after preparing the lanterns, our cousins would then start retelling stories of spirits and elementals and then make sure that we sprint all the way up to the house. with bloopers or not, still, we always manage to reach the house in record time without any scratches. 🙂

the bamboo lantern 🙂 [credits to google.com]

Mt. Kanlaon at a distance [credits to google.com]

arising at daybreak, we would realize that the hens had already laid their eggs, the guinea fowls would make as best substitute for fried chicken, and, rummaging at the lush foliage, there you would notice calamansi, chayote , eggplants, “kulo”, “kamansi” and a lot of fruits like guyabano, chicos, kaimito, etc. this place was our own version of facebook’s farmville where we have everything we need. trees like coconut, narra, molave, jackfruit, sampaloc and gemilina that are as old as our ancestors abound. we always make it a point to savor the countryside living and find ourselves charmed with the laid back simple lifestyle our grandparents and parents had accustomed to. i know each of us was inculcated with the passion and love for adventure, cooking and island living. when technology advanced as the years went by, we somehow tried to capture memories in our phones but sometimes, the best memories are those that are not captured by any gadget at the spur of the moment. 🙂

when i was in college, i dared to come home to Camotes Island, the hometown of my mother. it was here when i truly experienced being in an island where signal is a problem for most but for me, i intended to not really care about it since i am here to experience nature at its finest. and true enough, the place was very majestic and full of warmth. it was there that i had first came across with “mastering the art of doing nothing”.  i had marveled and relished at the rich culture and history the place has to offer and, i acquainted with my roots. even though i don’t know how to swim, i still made the most out of the time spending it at the sea or any body of water that im near. 🙂

taken at Lake Danao Park circa 2007
taken at Lake Danao Park circa 2007 🙂 notice the island in the middle of the lake? 🙂
Lake Danao still 🙂 but this is the Green Lake Park part where a lot of tilapias are breed 🙂
the old slipway at Brgy San Isidro circa 2007. this is where i usually spend the afternoons at the tide pools looking for starfishes, fishes and other marine life. at the end of the slipway is a very big rock that you can sit on and do selfies 🙂 hehehe.. try your luck if it’s really low tide. 🙂
got my saline fix here circa 2007 at Mangodlong Beach Resort 🙂 this is where i can find some rock formations with small cottages to spend the afternoon with. 🙂

it was during these days that i had transformed to the outdoor enthusiast I am now. i find solace and self actualization in this type of environment where i can write, dream, eat, pray and love 🙂

during these days, i just followed my common sense and curiosity to figure out the places where the sun meets the horizon and the waves kiss the shore. 🙂

even out of the blue, a rainbow shines thru the silver lining of the clouds 🙂 this was shot at Mangodlong Beach Resort circa 2007 🙂


closer look at the pile of rocks that line the way going to the mini island 🙂 circa 2007 taken at Mangodlong Beach Resort 🙂


i would make it a point to quench my thirst with water and natural juices and, quench the outdoor enthusiast in me by making ways on how to enjoy the summer vacation 🙂 till my next adventures 🙂 and i just want to give due credit to my  late uncle who really encouraged me to go beyond what the average person sees and go travel! 🙂


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