summer is the new valentine’s season :)

Never in my wildest dreams would I be able to come to our home town fiesta Γ  la island living in San Isidro, San Francisco, Camotes. It was a good 7 year hiatus of not being able to see those cousins and other relatives on my mom’s side since the last time I was here was when I was in my Junior year in college. A lot of memories flood gate as I stepped in a chilly Wednesday night as we docked on Consuelo port. Though this was the first time that I had docked here, still a lot of memories fill me in. There was still this cleanliness of the seawater and the fresh sea breeze that captivated me as I stepped out of the barge on a chilly Wednesday night.

I enjoyed every inch of my stay at the island, not to mention the laughter and catching up that we had with my cousins, relatives, neighbors and everyone else whom I knew. But this year, as they say, some things came up unexpectedly. A distant relative decided to tie the knot at sunset at one of Camotes’s upcoming beach destinations, Bakhaw Beach in Esperanza. It has a fine stretch of sand and lush vegetation similar to the famous Santiago White Beach. But then, here at Bakhaw, everything is so laid back, cool. It has the best place where you can perfect the art of doing nothing πŸ™‚ The sand is not rough on the feet though it was not as fine as in Santiago, and the marine life is abundant. Little hermit crabs and shells line the shore, sea grasses abound and there are schools of little fingerlings swimming near the edge of the shore. I was able to spot some itsy bitsy crawling crabs and was unlucky to get a snap of it.

Going back to the wedding, it was just a solemn civil rights celebration since both parties are non-catholics. This is the first time I was able to witness a solemn vow without the usual frills of a church wedding and the ambiance at the beach was more than great. It was marvelous! Catching the last rays of the sun as it sets, sends a crimson color to the sky that warms my heart. The different kind of heat it emanated was something memorable and romantic for me. Yes you heard that right. It was romantic πŸ™‚ I was just so amazed why they selected the beach and I got my answer after they both said their vows. This place reminded them that in every thing they do, each sunrise and sunset wasΒ tied to their lives. They breathe and live and grow and nurture each other with each rays of the sun. And that, for me, is one of the most memorable and underrated wedding vows I had heard in my entire 27 years of existence. Truly, this summer was the new Valentines’. πŸ™‚


yellow and gray complemented the sunny weather and the white sands πŸ™‚


the solemn vow set up πŸ™‚


flowers line the aisle where the bride will walk down to meet her love πŸ™‚


glorious sunset πŸ™‚


the best stretch so far aside from Santiago White Beach πŸ™‚


another view of the aisle πŸ™‚




the entire beach wedding set up at the shores of Bakhaw Beach πŸ™‚




crimson sunset πŸ™‚



from where i stand, countless grains of sand felt so comfortable beneath πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “summer is the new valentine’s season :)

  1. yes there is more to Camotes than Mangodlong and Santiago Beach! πŸ™‚ There is even the Busay Falls in General, Tudela [just before the famous Bukilat Cave] πŸ™‚ Even Heminsulan and the rest of the towns had their own mystique. Keep exploring! πŸ™‚

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