who said SUMMER was officially over? Cebu Bloggers Summer Fun at JPark Island Resort

Summer fever is almost officially over and I really haven’t made out the most of it. I am pretty much tied from my hospital volunteer work which gives a different kind of fulfillment but then again, I need to have a break. I need to get my saline fix fast. 🙂

One fine day I chanced upon the facebook page of Cebu Blog Campers and read about an upcoming event for Cebu based bloggers. Being a personal blogger who has blogged since 2008 , I felt this was the break I need and this will pave the way for me to meet and greet same minded people who share the same passion and enjoy some sunshine while it lasted. Though I am not expecting as part of the official list, still I tried to sign up for it and almost forgot the event up until a day or two before the schedule. To cut the story short, I made it to the list and got ready for the day. I was still straight out from a nocturnal shift at the hospital I am volunteering in and I came in almost late of the assembly area. I cant contain my excitement as I went out of the hospital and went straight to the venue. I met a few bloggers who were there early like Emjae, Jhanis, Ruben, Iren, Jason, Chai, and Clarisa together with her husband Neil and their 3-year-old kid, Wolfgang.

So on board the bus that transported us to Jpark, I was really animated with the punch lines and stories of Ka Bino who served as our official tour guide of the day 🙂

Ka Bino and his funny stories and punchlines while in transit to Jpark Island Resort


me and fellow blogger Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife 🙂


the simple entrance marker
upon arriving at the resort 🙂


With fellow Cebu Bloogers meeting with Ms. Angela from the Marketing Department of JPark Island Resort 🙂


When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted with Ms. Angela and Ms. Neli, who graciously guided us to our first stop, our breakfast buffet. As Sir Ruben would put it, we have to get ourselves ready for 3 meals for the day. I thought, well, this would be more like the other resorts and hotels in the vicinity. But I was wrong. Our breakfast was huge. WE were walking in and out of the biggest and widest breakfast buffet this Queen City of the South has to offer.


don’t you just love desserts? here at Jpark, you will find the freshest fruits and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂
fusion finds 🙂
on the way to our table


After the biggest breakfast that I had taken in my entire existence, we were then guided to the Press Con for us Cebu bloggers. We made our way to Triphora, one of the function rooms for the newly reinvented resort. The resort got its name  after the company’s President’s name Justin Uy and his Chairman and Korean Partner, Park Young Jun. Flashback some years ago, this place was known to everyone as Imperial Palace Cebu. But as the times and tides changed, things needed  reinvention. It was where we were then informed of the reason the resort made such bold moves to rebrand itself. The resort felt the need to expand and meet with the demands of the rising markets and competition is pretty tough. The original franchise [IP Seoul] somehow limited the expansion and innovation of the resort. Phil BXT Corp, decided to make the rather risky move and dropped the original franchise.  In the coming months, JPark will continue to expand and captivate us with its innovations and globally competitive themed water parks and other offerings fit for the tourist and adventurist alike.

at Triphora’s entrance
the majestic function hall fit for royalty
refreshments at Triphora 🙂

While we are at the function room, we got surprised when Ms. Angela told us that we will be having a food tasting session for the new menu of OLIVE, a unique blend of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine that is sure to answer your want for some gastronomic delights. Here, you can also enjoy the best Filipino comfort food. This restaurant can seat up to 110 guests and is open for lunch and dinner. [credits to JPark website for this]

OLIVE’s own version of modern Tokwa’t Baboy [Soy Bean Curd and Pork] with Ginger – Soy Dressing
OLIVE’s Thai Pomelo and Shrimp Salad
Another type of plating for Tokwa’t Baboy from OLIVE
Beef Mousakka [with eggplants, parmesan, mozarella] and Greek Salad [assorted greens, olives, feta and tomatoes]
Vietnamese Beef Steak with Smokey Pineapple Relish, Tamarind Sauce base and Chili Sambal
Seafood Ragout with Asian Spices and fresh coconut meat and cream

We spent a day discovering wonders in the resort, and I, as an outdoor enthusiast, prefer the sunny weather. I had wandered around checking what JPark resort is to an ordinary person like me. Here are my discoveries:


The beach front is surprisingly clean and the shades of blue calmed any guest who will be wandering here in spite the heat of the sun 🙂
The sunken bar provides shade and some refreshing drinks for those who spent more time at the pools 🙂
These floaters are really helpful for kids and adults who wanted to chill at the Wave Pool 🙂
Water is everywhere! 🙂 The kid in me smiles with glee as I notice the bucket up there! I’m ready to get wet!
Kid friendly slides and water levels guaranteed to be a sure fun way to spend the day
The bucket up there is surely one refreshing way to enjoy the facility
The slides crossing one after the other with Captain Hook’s famous flag!
the sea is so blue and clear. 🙂
Lapu-Lapu City-20140607-00674
This Cabana is as relaxing as it should have been. Spacious and well-kept!
Lapu-Lapu City-20140607-00675
It’s a good day to do water based activities. The sea is so calm and clear.
The view of Coral Seaside restaurant from afar. 🙂


We had our free and easy moments letting me wander at the rest of the area. However, me and Jhanis needed to go back for our lunch at Ching Hai, which offers a sumptuous variety of classical and contemporary Chinese dishes prepared with only the freshest ingredients in an open showcase kitchen. Ching Hai, which is open for lunch and dinner, also serves an array of traditional Chinese liquors and spirits. It can seat up to 100 guests.

Ching Hai’s condiments
Dimsum basket at Ching Hai.
The fine table arrangement is like being whisked back to an earlier era in Ming Dynasty.
Fine China
Skillful napkin folding at its finest.
Jasmine Tea — light and flavorful


After the sumptuous and I should say, more than heavy lunch, we were advised to change our clothes so that we can stretch and burn those calories we had ingested since early morning. Then I had second thoughts since we might be able to aspirate and puke out our food but then again, thank heavens, we were able to surpass it. Doing a mini adventure race across the entire resort gave me the adrenaline rush that I used to have when I join team building activities.

At JPark, you always have the opportunity to bond with team building activities with enough space to stretch your muscles and bond with your friends, family and even office mates! The relaxing ambiance and the breathing space allows them to choose their own type of adventure without disturbing the other guests.

selfie with the ROCK!
at ABALONE’S entrance 🙂
JPark’s Villa’s Number with selfie 🙂
the wall art 🙂
Team BONAKID groupie!
enjoying our free drink [mango juice] at Aqus Island Bar 🙂
our TEAM BONAKID Selfie as directed by Ka Bino
A sound mind, a relaxed body and tons of brilliant ideas under the scorching heat of the sun will definitely be the main ingredients for TEAMWORK. and WE definitely had that. 🙂

At the end of the day, relationships still matter. How you socialize and interact with one another affects how they perceive you as a person. Here at JPark Island Resort, human interconnections matter. From the tailor fit service and attention to detail as well-being pampered like royalty, there is no doubt this place is actually CEBU’s best resort, CEBU’s best hotel and definitely CEBU’s best! Truly a pride of the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH!


Cebu Bloggers in UNITY and CAMARADERIE. 🙂


Here are the contact details for JPark Island Resort and Water Park 🙂

JPark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu
M.L Quezon Highway, Brgy. Maribago
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Trunkline: +63 32 494 5000
Cebu Sales Office
M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy. Maribago,
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Tel: +63 32 494-5282 to 85, 87, 88
Fax: +63 32 494 5272
Korea Sales Office
4F Jisan B/D 1576-9 Seocho-dong
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-875
Tel: +82-2-3448-9322
Fax: +82-2-566-4506
Reservations Office (Cebu)
Tel: +63 32 494 5555
Fax: +63 32 494 5246
Events Sales Office (Cebu)
Tel: +63 32 494 5275 / 5081 / 5231
Fax: +63 32 494 5073
The Abalone Buffet Restaurant
Tel: +63 32 494 5091 to 92
Maru Korean Restaurant
Tel: +63 32 494 5082 to 83
J Lounge
Tel: +63 32 494 5076
Tel: +63 32 494 5086
Coral Seaside Restaurant
Tel: +63 32 494 5098
Ching Hai Chinese Restaurant
Tel: +63 32 494 5084
Aqus Pool & Island Bar
Tel: +63 32 494 5097 to 5095
Waterpark/Leisure Office
Tel: +63 32 494 5101/5102/5105
Kid’s Club
Tel: +63 32 494 5107
Tel: +63 32 494 5114
Tel: +63 32 494 5028
Dolgorae Marine Shop
Tel: +63 32 494 5537
Cara Spa
Tel: +63 32 494 5110

***credit goes to the following for the photos and info:

Emjae Argallon — http://ohemjae.wordpress.com/

JPark Resort website —- http://jparkislandresort.com/

Mark Monta — http://www.facecebu.net/

Herbert Kikoy — http://www.herbertkikoyphotography.com/




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  1. Good job JL! I need a second round of death by shrimps festival! Did you know that this is the only event has my face splattered on a lot of blogs? I’ve never shown my face on my blog and my social media sites ever since. Hahahahhaha!

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