26 things many did not know about my Tatay

More often than not, I would pride myself being my father’s daughter. Often times, his ideals and principles guided me in how I plan and live my life.

Here are some of the things people did not know about him that might be funny and worth sharing 🙂

26. He used to be a brigade commander of their high school’s CAT unit, the most “hard headed” in their school’s history.

25. Only family can have the guts to call him “kugtong”, aVisayan term for a kind of fish. But then, this is just something to distinguish him for his renegade and radical style.

24. He is fond of cooking goat meat into his own style of Goat Kaldereta 🙂 He is the only one who can make me eat goat meat!

23. He does the household chores that most fathers dont usually do. And that includes skillfully washing our white clothes and uniform 🙂

22. He has a special skill in knife and blade care. I got my affinity of knives, sharps and anything bladed from him.

21. He is a true blue outdoor enthusiast having to spend his summers and sem breaks in the mountains of Aloguinsan. I got my yearning and passion for the environment and outdoors due to him.

20. He is the only other male survivor of the Mainit brood after my uncle since 3 children before him all died in their toddler years for similar causes [cyanosis and weak heart].

19. He can still climb coconut trees at his age of early 50’s!

18. He, his brother and his older sister, the late Mama Yoni influenced my style of cooking. With their teaching, I can cook anyone and also I can now cook in bulk for any occasions.

17. He has a keen smell when it comes to choosing fish and fresh meat. He really knows if the merchandise is already stale or not even if the sales people will insist. 🙂

16. He is a water drinker just like me. Together we can consume more than 6L of water in a day.

15. He is the most chill person whom I know and he doesn’t even look his age!

14. We always start our day with a steaming cup of coffee and in recently, a cup of tea 🙂

13. He always prefers to eat whatever I cook and will always find the best excuse to make me cook for him.

12. He was the only person who can make me study MATH. 😦

11. He doesnt really look his age if he doesn’t sport a goatie. But if he does, he looks like Saddam! o.O

10. He is a quiet person on first meet but when you get to know him, his bubbliness and funny nature will leave you ROFL!

09. He laughs at almost anything serious. As I’ve mentioned, he is the most chill person I have known.

08. He used to be a “karaang bugoy” of the place where we live before. No one, not even a single soul, would dare defy him, or else!

07. He is fond eating corn mill [mais na bugas] and eating lots and lots of pork since pork is a NO-NO in KSA.

06. He is fond of buying popcorn as midnight snack!

05. He is fond of scouting for seafood like shells, rays, etc. when he is at home. And he makes the best Larang I’ve ever tasted!

04. When I was a kid, he used to let me walk a good 4 KM or so every time we spend our summers and special occasions in our home in Aloguinsan. And on top of that, I used to bring my kiddie bag with a load of 3-4L or so. Talk about early training for trekking!

03. He sleeps like a rock when he is at home . As in literally.

02. He used to put me to sleep when I was a kid. But due to his work, I became one independent kid at the age of 7. There were times when I dont see him for straight 2 years due to his work in Bicol and in Bataan.

01. He and my uncle influenced my music genre choices. And that made it very diversified and flexible from reggae, soul, jazz, acoustic/ukelele, etc making me well versed in music as well as in singing. I owe my musicality, tonality and voice dynamics to him.

So for this day, I give due credit to my first and forever love, my critic, my foodie buddy, my travel buddy, my forever bestbud. 🙂





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