of notebooks, pencils and the rivers: Cebu Outdoor Adventure Team Annual Outreach at Buswang, Toledo

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.  — Aesop  

We had been receiving a lot of blessings since the dawn of age, and it is sad to note that not all of us have been doing our best to share and to pay it forward. Some of us think that its fine not to share. But I thought otherwise. 

Together with some of my friends and fellow mountaineers from Cebu Outdoor Adventure Team, we then selected and planned our annual outreach activities for the kids and toddlers of Buswang Elementary School situated at Buswang, Cambang-ug, Toledo. The planned date was July 5-6, 2014 and we had not made any revisions on it. In our own little way, we had maximized our time, effort, and other resources just to share our blessings to the kids in the mountains. They had been our inspiration for always finding ways on how to share and impart happiness.

On the event day, we shared the load of school supplies individually packed in plastic envelops and we also brought Samaritan boxes and rice+lentil beans mix for our Feeding Program. We hoped that through our simple act, we will be able to sustain their need for food, clothing and other basic essentials to veer on. We had taken the path less traveled by many, and as a result, we gained more than what we expected for. It may not be in terms of money but the camaraderie, friendship and the feeling of being in a family is undoubtedly the most wonderful feeling we had. We had pooled our own resources, brought our own provisions and merely enjoyed the fact of being in one with nature while enjoying what is was to be a child again. 

It was a real adventure for me ever since en route to the community since we need to ride a motorcycle and cross a wide river and we need to cross four (4) rivers on foot caring our own provisions, the school supplies and other load like the food for feeding and as well as the prizes for the games. 

It was all worth the exhaustion. For me, having to spend the weekend with the kids improved my outlook in life. It made me feel that I am more than blessed with what I currently have and made me humble as I saw the kids surviving in an outdoor setting and doing everything just to educate themselves. The kids had a blast and so are we. 🙂 Hopefully these kids will be able to see the value of education and how they can survive in the real world when they grow up and mature.

Here are some photos I had grabbed from our colleagues at COAT who had painstakingly took time and effort to document everything we had done for the entire 24 hours or so 🙂

Special thanks to Jon Dave Lepatan and Jeremy Joe Operiano  for the photos 🙂 and to Cebu Outdoor Adventure Team for the opportunity to pay it forward!





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