A Call to Adventure: RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp Inauguration [Part 1 of 2]

When people had the vision and the passion to excel and live out the dreams they had chased, then a brilliant idea is born.

I believe this is how the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Incorporated Kool Adventure Camp was conceptualized and brought into shape. Dubbed as A Call to Adventure, RAFI inaugurated the newly completed Kool Adventure Camp with its modern facilities that housed the Multipurpose Challenge Hall, activity sites and camp grounds in a 10 hectare rolling terrain with the best mountain and sea breezes.

Nestled in a lofty hilly terrain at KM 42 of the Transcentral Highway in Brgy. Cansomoroy, Balamban, RAFI-KAC is very iconic landmark just next to Canso X,  another Aboitiz property that caters to extreme sports and nature trekking. This property is about an hour and a half drive to the west from Cebu City via the trascentral highway.

As a flagship program of RAFI under its Leadership and Citizenship focus area, it is the first and only fully dedicated Adventure Education Center in the Philippines. Its mission is to equip organizations and individuals with the character, competence and citizenship to be leaders of change, through powerful learning experiences.

KAC started in 1999 and has since conducted over 300 adventure programs to a total of over 10,000 participants for the youth development and professional development programs.

What really amazed me in this move by the founders is that it had set the bench mark for experiential learning and personal development. In the camp, you will be able to find what your passions are, face your fears both known and unknown and will feel empowered after.

In the words of RAFI President Roberto “Bobby” Aboitiz, “RAFI-KAC is a serious attempt to build leadership attributes in the Filipino youth. The Center will offer programs that are designed to be fun, but in purpose to promote self-confidence, trust, optimism, positive attitude, courage, respect for others and the assumption of one’s responsibility for one’s own future.”

Quoting RAFI-KAC Camp Director Edvan Loh, the critical first step towards creating real change in the community is the belief and confidence that you can make the difference.  He also leads a team of  well-trained and competent staff that went through rigorous training regiment before they were made to handle any program. This involves Risk Assessment and Management,CRC Safety Standards, First Aid and Basic Life Support, Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics as well as training on soft skills such as Adventure Programming, Facilitation, and Games and Initiatives Leadership. Most of the senior staff members are also certified as Leave No Trace Masters Educator, Kayak Coach, Wilderness Medical First Responder, Challenge Ropes Course Practitioner and are proficient in Abseiling and Lifesaving, with trainings received in various international institutions like National Outdoor Leadership School, Outward Bound Singarpore and Project Adventure.

RAFI-KAC’s Youth Development Programs include Character and Leadership Adventure Camps, Land and Sea Expedition Programs, Urban Heritage Backpacking and Eco-Adventure Service Learning Programs. The Professional Development Programs, however, include Adventure Training and Consulting, Challenge Course Synergy Programs, Leadership and Development Adventure Courses and Corporate Expedition Series.

RAFI-KAC will also offer the following courses focused on developing more adventure educators in the country: Outdoor Educators Training Course, Leave No Trace – Outdoor Ethics Trainers Course, Adventure Training Course for Teachers and Games and Initiatives Workshop.

In the Philippines, RAFI-KAC is only associate member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), a trade organization serving Challenge Course Professionals all over the world, whose purpose is to promote the use of Challenge Courses and to set minimum standards for Challenge Course installation, operation and inspection according to Mr. Edvan Loh.

The need for a permanent location to house their improved facilities and new course elements prompted the foundation to create a holistic and well maintained facility that will definitely leave an indelible mark on both the campers, facilitators and support crew for the programs being held at the site as per RAFI Chief Operating Officer Dominica B. Chua. Upon entering the camp, you will feel the positive and energizing vibe that will envelop you with a certain kind of high and great feeling. The camp welcomes you with a very warm embrace and will let you see a different perspective in this side of the province.

SAFETY is the top most priority in the camp. As you walk through its halls, corridors and hilly challenging terrains, you will then see that safety, occupational, personal and biological hazards has been thoroughly thought of. Ms. Chua emphasized that SAFETY has been ingrained in the organizational systems, program rules and the staff, particularly in the compliance with policies, adherence to protocols, as well as benchmarking with international standards and practices. Local operating procedure and risk assessment and management also guided the programming design to ensure all activities have been approved to be safe for the participants. The foundation had spent a sizable amount in putting up a place like this and it shows how the founders are generous to share their blessings to everyone who set foot at the camp.

Aside from its regular program offering of a three-day, two night challenge ropes course program, other courses can be as short as a single day program [like the one we experienced during its inauguration] or as long as a ten-day combined land and sea expedition activity with a service learning component. RAFI-KAC can also fully customize a program to meet the training needs of participants and clients.

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to visit http://www.kac.rafi.org.ph or contact RAFI-KAC at (032) 260-9000 local 1001, or email info.kac@rafi.org.ph


***info credit to RAFI-KAC press release prepared by the Communications Team of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.***


Here are some snaps from the Inauguration Rites:

kac inauguration

The Challenge Hall!
Gov Hilario Davide III gracing the Inauguration
kac inauguration
RAFI President Roberto “Bobby” Aboitiz as he delivers his keynote inaugural address
kac inauguration
These kids line up the path to the Challenge Hall where the Inauguration is held.
One of the challenges at the Challenge Hall, the HOUS Bridge.
The Outdoor Abseiling Wall
Jacob’s Ladder 🙂
Leadership Challenge Course
The Residences
The Crossroads 🙂 With the Flight, an Iconic Structure designed by no less than Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue!
The Summit where you can find internal peace and tranquility.


I would like to thank Kuya Elroy Robin of Literature……life in photos for the very strategically taken photos. 🙂 and to the rest of the Bloggers of Cebu team who had made it despite the early call time 🙂


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