Of Churritos and Nachos: FastGood Authentic Mexican Soulfood

I admit being a picky eater having allergic restrictions to food lately but when a friend mentioned of a new diner that will be opening up by August 15, 2014 at the back of Marina Mall in Mepz 1, Lapu-Lapu City, I then shared the word with some blogger friends who are also foodies.

Set in a modest corner of the silent part of Marina Mall, Meximama Cocina Latina welcomed its diners with a homey ambiance that sets it apart from the rest of the building. The light yellow paint on the walls and the wooden tables and benches made it more unique. The whole diner itself is just pocket sized but the flavors and the aroma magnified its presence in the area. Its one good example of ingenuity, pure talent, creativity and sensitivity to the ingredient’s soul. As per the chef owner, Chef Victor Rusiana, who started humbly as a steward [dishwasher] from big establishments like Maya and Bluewater Maribago and who rose from the ranks to become a chef owner of the establishment, Meximama is a dream come true. This is where he can continually hone his craft and expand his career, knowledge and creativity. Just a little trivia about our humble chef and a family man, he is happily married with 3 kids and is residing in Quijada, Guadalupe [quiet far from the diner’s location]. He had been a buddy to a friend who also served as his mentor, Chef Dennis Jay Uy, now the Executive Sous Chef of Bluewater Maribago Resort ever since he had decided to level up his skills not just as a kitchen helper but someone who can be trusted in banquet set up, plating and exact quantity of food to prepare and who is a great help in monitoring stocks that are running low and needs replenishment.

During all those years that he served as a humble kitchen man, he developed his eye for detail, initiative and “one step ahead” mindset as observed by his colleagues and peers. That has been his motivation to find continuous excellence in every way possible.

One big factor that sets the diner apart from the other big establishments was the fact that, they had made sure every ingredient was fresh, mostly locally produced for the vegetables and fruits, and with the help of chef friends and colleagues, made collaborations for the shipment of chilies and other Mexican spices to give its patrons and diners the authentic Mexican cuisine experience it has been expecting, and to top that all, create a unique experience without hurting the budget.

Chef Dennis Uy admits that this venture is one risky move by his friend, Chef Rusiana but then again, with powerhouse talent and creativity, nothing can stop him from coming up with the best of his craft. Having seen Chef Rusiana bloom from start made him a believer. And also, Chef Uy mentioned that it is their obligation to pass on the knowledge and craft to produce great quality sensible chefs in the future. So this is the primary reason why he supported Chef Rusiana all the way on this endeavor.

So without farther adieu, here are the highlights of the menu and its price. And surprisingly, for food this heavenly, its actually very AFFORDABLE and budget friendly. This will make you come back for more.  🙂 This is just a pure manifestation of “FastGood Authentic Mexican Cuisine” that has value for money, uniqueness, authenticity and of course, the “feel-good” customer satisfaction is there.

The Menu 1
The Menu for family and barkada
Sisig Taco 🙂
Quesadilla Negra-Achiote Lime Chicken
Quesadilla Negra – Carnitas
Quesadilla Capitalinas
Pollo Ala Plancha – Grilled Quarter Chicken
Nachos en Salsa Roja 🙂
Mexi Mama Honey Chili Wings [extra hot!]
Costillas de Cerdo – Charbroiled Baby Back Ribs
Chuletas (mexican pork chop)
Baja Fried Fish Fillet
Churros con Chocolate
The menu in a nutshell 🙂


Thanks to the team behind Mexi Mama for making my mexican cuisine buffet not just a gastronomic delight but a heavenly experience and for also accommodating me and my friends for this one of a kind food trip.

Please visit their facebook site at Mexi Mama Cocina Latina for more updates and cool food items to be added to the menu 🙂





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