Top 5 Reasons Why Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is a Must Try in Cebu


“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.” — Elsa Schiaparelli


There are times that I crave seafood. Seriously. I may have allergies on stale seafood but it did not hinder that I prefer it over pork and chicken at certain occasions. And luckily, I got invited to a bloggers’ dinner at Blackbeard Seafood Island in the Ayala Terraces Roof Deck. I remembered back when the establishment opened, I somehow got curious on what it will offer for its diners. There had been others who also offered boodle fight plating for food, still I entertained the fact that it was possible to dine with blogger friends in a cozy restaurant with abundant food. As stated on the quote above, I eat not just due to material pleasure being given by the soul of the ingredients. I eat due to the fact that I wanted to savor the flavors and aroma of the food and I wanted to reach a happy state of mind and positive well-being.

So here are top 5 main reasons why Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is a must try in when you are in Cebu with friends and family.

5. Friendly and Accommodating Staff: As you enter the doors, you are ushered by warm and friendly staff that will give you options on what to order, where to sit comfortably to enjoy your food. The staff also show a very bubbly and warm accommodation and will be there when you needed them most.

4. Live Aquariums: There are at least 2 aquariums that have live crabs on it for you to choose from. Though the crabs are all tied up for your safety, still you are free to hold them and take photos; allow yourself to overcome the fear of being bit by the crabs. These crustaceans come in different sizes and weights, and guarantees as fresh catch. Other aquariums also hold the freshest catch of the day.

3. Beer Below Zero + Sweet Treats: I guess most restaurants on that side of the establishment does not really have BBZ on their menu, saved of course from the bars that dot the vicinity. As the Marketing Manager Sir Migs de la Rosa stated, they purchased special equipment to make sure that the beer they serve is freezing cold. On top of that, there are sweet treats such as Halo-Halo and Turon with Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup to tickle your senses after a very dynamic and action-packed boodle meal.

2. Cozy Ambiance: The area itself is conducive for family gatherings, barkada/friends hang out or simply, just a couple’s gastronomic joint. The couches are comfortable and strategic too. Just be sure to arrive earlier though, since a lot of patrons who would take the opportunity to dine at their tables. Make sure to arrive there before peak meal times like lunch and dinner! 🙂

1. Boodle Fight Food Plating: This is the highlight of the foodie experience. It is the primary reason that catches attention of the diners. Luscious cooked seafood in a bed of warm fried rice and hot fragrant soup with your choice of grilled items such as crabs, shrimps, fish and pork. Chicken is also present on most of the boodle selections. When we talk about boodle, this is a kind of plating done when rice and viand are combined in one tasty party of flavors and aromas.

So with that note, I will let you all judge by the photos I have taken while doing one thing I love the most — EATING! 🙂

Jumbo Bagnet and the Crab Specialties namely Crab Lilian, Crab Szechuan, Crab Maritess
The menu: Clockwise from Top Left: MOUNT APO [chicken binakol, steamed crabs, grilled liempo, inihaw na manok sa gata, grilled squid, steamed shrimps, fish of the day, law-uy, kinilaw na tangigue, balbacua, ensaladang lato w/ crispy dilis and salted fish rice]; TALI BEACH [grilled chicken inasal, big BBQ, steamed white shrimps, fish of the day, grilled oysters, crabs, grilled squid, grilled tomatoes, lato, mango, watermelon with steamed rice]; DAPITAN’S PRIDE [crispy shrimps, chicken binakol, fish of the day, grilled squid, gising gising, steamed crabs, grilled liempo and kalkag rice]; DAVAO GULF [chicken wings inasal, pork BBQ, grilled baby squid, steamed shrimps, grilled tuna belly, grilled oyster, shrimp and pomelo salad, lato salad, kinilaw na langka sa gata, grilled talong, salted egg, grilled tomatoes, kalkag rice, bagoong rice and crispy dulong rice]; KANYAMAN [pork tocino, steamed shrimps, salted eggs w/ tomatoes, kare-kareng gulay with crispy lechon kawali, crispy fried hito w/ buro and mustasa, sisig kapampangan, ensaladang mangga, plain rice]; CHANG’S CHINA CHOW [yang chow fried rice, whole fried chicken w/ kropek, shrimp and mushroom sisig, salt and pepper ribs, lumpiang shanghai, crab and corn soup, pancit canton]
Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. members and Bloggers of Cebu joined forces for this event.


With fellow cebu based bloggers and Sir Migs de la Rosa
Family Picture!



INewMedia/Bloggers of Cebu team with Langyaw Media’s Estan and Sir Migs of BSI Cebu 🙂
After the boodle fight pictorial! 🙂 And we surely are full!


Value for money, ambiance and great service are the elements to happy eating. Curious? Let me know your thoughts below.

Credits to Sinjin Pineda of Libotero for the boodle fight menu descriptions 🙂



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