Who Says Feasting in a Bowl Is Just The Same Every Time? Kublai Khan Parkmall Opens!

Last October 8, I together with my fellow food bloggers from Cebu Blogging Community had been invited to join the opening of Kublai Khan’s Parkmall Branch. I was grateful and honored to be part of the chosen foodie warriors who graced the place. Kuablai Khan’s Parkmall Branch is a franchise by friends Niko Basubas, Lesty Rodriguez and Jiggy Canizares, or better known as Barocan Ventures. They did a great job for being the first ones who franchised Kublai Khan since first and foremost, they are Kublai Khan’s fanatics. It was out of their passion for the offerings at the restaurant that motivated them to work on the franchise with their families.  Kudos to their hard work!

Some fast facts about Kublai Khan’s:

1. The first Kublai Khan’s Restaurant opened at Gaisano Country Mall 15 years ago, March 3, 1999.

2. The second branch opened in Ayala Center Cebu 6 months after. [ I remembered it was somewhere at the ground floor at that time]

3. The present site of the main branch at the Terraces is the third location in Ayala, opened on October 6, 2006.

4. The first franchise of Kublai Khan’s opened in Parkmall last October 8, 2014 some 8 years and 2 days after the main branch opened.

I had been a bit curious on what Kublai Khan has to offer. I’ve passed by it several times in Ayala Center Cebu and I had planned to give it a try. Looking through the glass doors outside, one could observe a myriad of food items to create a perfect and balanced meal. Wait, did I say balanced? Believe it or not, food components from the 6 major food groups are present at the restaurant. And there are various sauces to choose from! Imagine my delight when I saw the Gingered Lemon and Oyster Sauces! It was heaven for me! 🙂

So after much thought, I then picked up my bowl, grabbed the beans, chayote, shredded cabbage, pork liver, chicken liver, canton, rice noodles, a little bit of rice, pork, generous amounts of sesame seeds, gingered lemon sauce, oyster sauce, a little of barbecue sauce, calamansi, brown sugar and i forgot the sesame oil and soya! It was in heaps and I cant wait for the final outcome.  Good thing I was able to find some soya and powdered black pepper to finish off my meal 🙂 [too bad I wasn’t able to capture my bowl since I was too excited to eat].

It was truly a feast in a bowl. I can have as much as I wanted and all the ingredients that tickles my palette are there. The crunchiness of the chayote and the beans complimented the flavorful mix of oyster, soya and barbecue sauces layered with sesame seeds. The texture of the pork and chicken liver balanced the acidity of the gingered lemon sauce that I generously poured. And of course, the black pepper gave that final spicy and aromatic kick that ended in an astonishing gastronomic delight. I am proud of its outcome and I wont get tired of eating the same layered mix all over again. 🙂

After the fulfilling meal, we had the privilege to interview the young business minded owners who talked about their beginnings and their love for Kublai Khan’s brand and as well as realizing that since they have been YOLOing for the longest time [quoting Jiggy Canizares here! :)], its high time that they put up a business that will cater their need and as well us making waves in the food industry. They even mentioned how their families supported their endeavors since it was worth the investment having been able to capture the market at the business capital at the north, Mandaue City.


A snap on the food warriors err food bloggers who were with me during our Kublai Khan Invasion! 🙂


Kublai Khan’s doors open for those weary souls who wanted to have a feast in a bowl!


The young business owners namely Niko Basubas, Lesty Rodrigues and Jiggy Canizares 🙂

Here are some of the visuals you will rave at the store itself 🙂

Mural1 (small RGB)





















So for those who haven’t tried eating the guaranteed feast in a bowl at Kublai’s, it’s your turn to shine! 🙂 Head over to Parkmall and enjoy the goodies laid down at your fingertips!


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