Excitement on Second Bite: Meximama’s Fast Good Authentic Mexican Cuisine

There’s a certain note of excitement that I felt when I was invited by the owners of Meximama to join their newest menu reveal dinner. I had been a foodie all my life and when it comes to Mexican Cuisine, I always feel the thrill and anticipation as to what would come next. This is the second time that I had visited the diner and I had been quiet amazed that more and more people are flocking the area to take a bite of its sumptuous offerings.

True enough, together with some fellow foodies Jane, Mae, Jeph, Bjorn and Sheree, we patiently waited for what would be offered to us. And it surely did not disappoint us. Here are the reasons why:

1. The dishes are all made from the freshest ingredients and are made with love.

2. The dishes are creatively made and assured of the finest QUALITY. Each hand-made dish embodies not only the aesthetic presentation [plating] but also, it was created with nutritional values in mind. These dishes not only nourishes us physically but also satiate all the other senses.

3. The overall impact of the dishes are all excellent and well-rounded. The marriage between the ingredients banking on its personal identity gave the dish its “SOUL”.

4. The chilies used on each dish come from the US and Mexico so you are assured that it captures the most authentic Mexican taste you can have.

5. All dishes are budget friendly 🙂 It wouldn’t hurt to enjoy these fab finds. Trust me. 🙂


So without further ado, let me share the newest part of the Meximama Menu that will make you all drool.

Nachos En Salsa: Homemade Nachos with Special Mexican Spice Dusting and Salsa Roja made of fresh tomatoes, onions, calamansi and Mexican spices.






Queso Fundido: Basically the fondue are made out of 3 kinds of cheeses and added with Jalapeno chili to give it its own spicy kick. The chips are home-made from scratch but still, it is very crispy and flavorful.




Another view of the Queso Fundido plating 🙂




Empanaditas: made with flour for the crust, fillings are of home-made mexican style chorizo, mixed cheeses, and topped with crema [sour cream based] and spices. Priced at Php 75.00 for 2 pieces.



A closer look 🙂




Chimichangas: Meximama’s own version of a fried burrito filled with either you choice of pork, fish and chicken [this one shown is of fish], beans, carrots, bell peppers, mexican style rice and topped with a special sauce and cheese 🙂 Priced at 185.



Chimichangas on a different view 🙂




Elotes: 4 grilled sweet corn on a cob topped with a special Mexican twist. Jalapeno butter, mexican crema, salsa roja and a special mix of spices made this healthy dish a must try! Priced at 75.00 🙂




Notice the richness of the crema? Only at Meximama’s!




Carne en Salsa: Special US beef stew with oranges and chilies. There is a sweet tangy taste on the beef since it was slowly simmered for 4 hours and then cooked in an unhurried way as always. The rice are sauteed with carrots, bell peppers, onions and made flavorful with a garnish of fresh orange. You can either squeeze it to the beef or to the rice. The variations are endless! 🙂




Carne en Salsa priced at only 175 per order. A sumptuous and filling meal that is a guaranteed fix for those hungry tummies.




To sweet and flavorful endings! Tres Leches Flan combines of fresh milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk and the sugar glaze is amazingly not too sweet or not that bland. It has a special mix on it that will make you crave more of it. It has Mexican Canella, a cinnamon like flavoring with a hint of coffee on it. Priced at 65.00 🙂





Closer look at the Tres Leches Flan 🙂




The Tres Leches Flan with a plate of selected Chilies on the background. Care for any adventurous take on the normal flan?




The all time favorite! Churros: This is a not too sweet pastry made from the finest ingredients and are dusted with a special mix of cinnamon and Mexican spices like dried chilies and the like. The dips are of two kinds, Dulce de Leche was the sweet, creamy milk like dip and the Spicy Chocolate was the one with pure chocolate + chilies + a bit of sugar to balance the strong characteristics of the primary ingredients.





Chili 101: These chilies are straight from Mexico. In the plate are Guajillo, Japanese Arbol, Chipotle and Ancho. These chilies not only have the spicy kick they are known for but also have a certain level of sweetness and yummy aroma. They compliment each other well without losing their own star characters.


These dishes not only made me knowledgeable on Mexican Cuisine but made me travel to a different realm. It made me feel that nothing is impossible when you search for the best cuisine that will not only tickle your palate but will satiate your  cravings both physically and emotionally.

Do you know someone who’s interested in learning what’s behind the scenes of these dishes? Let me know your thoughts then! 🙂 See you at Meximama’s!


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