Through A Focal Glass: 4 Truths Why The Island Buzz Photo Exhibit Is A Must-Watch

I had always been fascinated on sunrises and sunsets. This reminds me that whatever struggles I have in life, still there will a way to pull through it. It always left me speechless and in awe. Coupled with the love for the water [though I don’t know how to SWIM, period] and the never-ending search for all things great, I had become passionate not only for the mountains but also of the beautiful islands we have in this archipelago. As a true blue Cebuana, I had been exposed early on with the pristine beaches and coastlines we have here in Cebu and nearby islands. Travel was not a foreign thing for me. It has been an essential part of my daily existence and I still wish that I could have more time to spend outside and bask in the sun, sea and sand.

When a friend, Johannes Le, invited me to the Island Buzz SUP and Kayak Photo Exhibit last December 16, I did not hesitate and said yes then invited some blogger friends from Cebu Blogging Community who might be interested in getting to know the Island Life and the majestic views on the water.

So here are my 4 truths why we should check out the photo exhibit:

1. The photos were taken in such a way that they showcase how the stand up paddles began and how it affected the lives of those who ventured into the sport. From the conceptualization to the making of the real board, it showed great connection between the maker and the one who is using it. Fundamentally, the boards are a manifestation how the love for the sea should have been, gentle and pure.

2. Yellow represents all things CEBU. In the exhibit, most of the boards are yellow. This represents happiness, passion, sweet ripe mangoes [primary Pasalubong item], and positivism. This is the reason the boards were named Mango Float [ a beginner board that is very light and stable ], and Passion [ where the passion and love for the greater seas arose ].

3. The innocence seen on the eyes of the children are simply awe-inspiring. There is a certain degree of sadness and poignant profoundness that you can discover in the eyes of a child. You can see how they are living the island life, laid back. The sunsets also seem a nice respite from all the chaos that you notice in the surroundings.

4. The photo exhibit runs for a cause. All proceeds will go to preserving our playground, the seas. And also, it will help the Island Buzz Crew to help out those who wanted to hone their craft and be out on the water. Just a noble cause all for the love of the seas.

So here you go, friends. Bask in the pictures and let me know what you think! 🙂 Exhibit runs till January 31st so you can still catch up and do a barkada night only at Handuraw Events Cafe in Gorordo Ave.

Big UPS to my blogger friends Mae Cimafranca of  The Apple Daily and Roxanne Tamayo of I Travel Rox for the photos 🙂 More photos soon! 🙂


The SUPs in front of Handuraw 🙂 Such a sunny sight!
Want some mango float? 🙂


Me and the Mango Float, a starter SUP board 🙂


The SUPs inviting you to take a part of the seas 🙂


Officially opening up the exhibit. Fellow outdoor enthusiasts are present 🙂


Sir Buzzy Budlong, the main man behind Island Buzz SUP and Kayaks giving his piece during the opening rights 🙂



The Island Buzz Crew with me and my friends for a get-together shoot 🙂


Another whacky shoot 🙂




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