Top 5 Reasons Why The Central Cebu Protected Landscape Is Worth Visiting

There is a very good reason for us to revisit and know deeper what CEBU has to offer. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the city life, we need to realize that sometimes, connecting with Nature will bring us back into focus. Just recently this month, I was invited by my friend and fellow mountaineer, Gina Caneja, POC for Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Region 7 – CCPL to join the familiarity Eco Tourism tour that they created for media partners, major stake holders, travel agencies and bloggers with the aim of promoting the protected landscape and spread awareness on the how we can bank on ECO TOURISM without hurting the ecosystem itself.


Here are my reasons why Central Cebu Protected Landscape where Brgy Sapangdako, Brgy Pamutan, Brgy Toong and Brgy Buhisan are part, should be frequently visited.

1. The Air is much more cleaner and clearer in this side of the city. Unbelievably, the mountains clear any congestion of your nostrils as you venture in out in the open and traverse the path less traveled.

2. Stop and smell the flowers, but wait, there’s more. You can definitely eat these blooms!

3. The best mangoes, budbod and sikwate are found here in Sapangdako, Guadalupe. Excellent pairs to start the day. Also, the art of weaving PUSO [hanging rice] is also at the same location. The locals were able to preserve the art of weaving the coconut leaves.

4. The Bagsakan Center in Brgy Pamutan has everything you need, from fresh produce to poultry and cattle, you will be assured that everything is organic and worth your budget. Also, you will be able to see the scenery that are not usually found in the city.

5. There is so much in Toong that meets the eye. For one, the way the “puto” was done was very careful. Rice should be milled in a way that it wont lose its character and then it is mixed with yeast. After it is steamed, it is best paired with Pink Lemonade, made with fresh Calamansi Juice and Boiled Camote Tops with a bit of brown sugar. It makes afternoon snacks one of a kind. And its healthy too!

All these and more are found in the four baranggays that we visited. It was a one of a kind experience and truly, I didn’t realize these things are existing. The Eco Tour proved that there is nothing impossible when Nature beckons you to take part. It is our responsibility to take measures ASAP in preserving these gems that are taken for granted. Hopefully, in the coming years, these gems are preserved and further enhanced.

Here are some snaps taken during our tour. Hope that one day, you will also visit these places with us.




***all photos are credited to Christopher Ngosiok since I was not able to bring my camera. 🙂



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