Vibrancy resounds as SONGHITS BTC Turns 3!

Sometimes, all it takes is a great beat and lyrics to get into singing. Whenever I am stressed, I would usually turn on the radio or perhaps my netbook and play the classics from Peter Cetera, Earth, Wind and Fire or perhaps more mellow like Vanessa Williams.

Nowadays, its hard to find a venue where you can chill and spend time with friends and sing your heart out without hurting the budget. I had always been into videoke. This has been my diversion aside from trekking the mountains or enjoying the saltness of the seas.

Luckily I was invited to witness the unveiling of Songhits BTC as it turns 3 last Sinulog Week! I had the opportunity to interview the owner, Mr. Wayne, and he was kind enough to answer most of our questions. Here’s a glance over our quick chat before I grabbed the microphone and sang my heart out. 🙂

VC: How do you see the Cebuano Night Life Scene?

W:  Cebu is young on the night life, ever since 6 years ago, you can’t find any bars, lounges and KTVs unlike now. KTV adopted fast and easily. Here [SONGHITS BTC] it is safe, songs are better.

VC: What’s the name of the company handling Songhits?

W: That’s Dream Hunters, Inc.

VC: That’s so cool! I wonder what your markets are.

W: Its really a busy market. WE cater to most friends, families, groups, etc. We have everyone here! The rates are cheap. Comes in 99/hr for 8 people. Rooms are good for 8, 12, 16 and even 30. [Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond respectively]. We also have party packages to suit your needs. Just call Jamaica at [032] 416-2228. Our packages start at PHP375 minimum of 15 pax.


VC:  That’s affordable! Maybe will try to bring my family here. I noticed that the interiors are bright and cheery. How much did the renovation cost?

W: This is close to 1 M and there are 17 rooms in a span of 300 sq.mtrs.

VC: What was your inspiration in starting the business?

W: I just found a place to start then the business picked up since it’s a wholesome pastime for everyone. So there 🙂

VC: What were the marketing strats you had?

W: Well, this Sinulog we plan to have acoustic nights which will regularly start on Feb. Auditions ongoing! 

I really had a great time chatting with the owner, Wayne, and he had imparted a lot during that short chance to interview him. It clearly shows that if you love what you do, working will turn out fun. Surely, I will come back with some friends to sing the blues away 🙂

Well at this point though, if these reasons aren’t enough for you to try Songhits BTC, try to check out these photos below: [credits to Channel Imperial and Jhanis Vincentte for the photos]

the newly installed logo


The most easiest to understand menu board I’ve ever seen!


Care for some acoustic beat?!


spacious rooms with cheery interiors makes a great out of the office meeting room 🙂 great with an ice cold GPS!


the friendly and accommodating staff 🙂


here i am singing my heart out and smiled since I forgot the tune of the song! 🙂



chatting with Sir Carlo 🙂


Store hours starts:

Weekends: 5pm to 3 am and Weekdays: 4pm to 3 am

So what are you guys waiting for? Head on to the nearest SONGHITS branch and sing your heart out!


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