LINAMNAM! Top 5 Reasons Why The Philippines Is A Foodie’s Paradise

Geographically speaking, our country boasts of the finest and if not, the most diversified cuisines. We all have a rich melting pot of varied cooking styles suited for the foodie in us. Admit it or not, we always go for what our taste buds would prefer, eschewing all conventional by-the-book flavors that others are after.

Glad I was able to meet Mary Ann and Claude Tayag, the tandem behind Linamnam, a little big book that sums up the regional cuisines around the archipelago during their recent book launching and signing. This was done at SM City Cebu Activity Area and was sponsored by National Bookstore, Cafe Laguna and SM as its venue.

Here are my top 5 reasons why the Philippines is a Foodie Paradise and how the book will help us find those not so ordinary culinary spots.

5. This little big book is our BIBLE for the foodies. It tackles the dishes that inspired Culinary Tourism. Isn’t it amazing?

4. This 2nd Edition highlights the 28 new entries with 15 new ones dedicated to Cebu and Talisay. That means, this goes by not only for Lechon but also Tuslob Buwa. Want to know more? Check it out as you flip its pages!

3. You will be able to learn the origins of Bulalo [beef shanks], Salpicao and Steak Ala Pobra that was always associated in Spain, but never existed in that country. History side by side with food? How cool was that!

2. Aside from that, there is more to a place than its known food. Check out the best restaurants/foodie havens that exist, and somehow, only locals knew about it. Take a walk down the lane with these fab finds and take your pick.

1. One important feature: The book has dissected the Filipino palate, the PANLASA, which is now bitter and salty are most sought after in Bicolandia and worth noting the richness of the gata [coco cream] and accentuated by HOT chili, SUTUKIL which combined grilled, clear soup and ceviche that draws out the freshness of the ocean’s bounty in the Visayas Region. All these and more on the book pages πŸ™‚

And did I mentioned refreshments and snacks? Well, it was always a breath of Β fresh air to taste the culinary masterpieces of Cafe Laguna Group. Lemon + Mint Water partnered with Homemade Chorizo Buns and Chicken and Tuna Tea Sandwiches was a power ender.

Here our snaps during the event! Would you know someone who is a foodie inside out? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Claude Tayag stating how the book was conceived and conceptualized.


LINAMNAM! Eating One’s Way Around the Philippines is simply the best guide we can get when trying out the best cuisines all around the archipelago πŸ™‚


The book itself πŸ™‚ More like a handy bible for foodies πŸ™‚




With Ian Sekong, the Tuslob Buwa King!
Claude Tayag and Mary Ann Quioc awarding Ian Seking “Tuslob Buwa King” with a certificate of appreciation πŸ™‚
I won a GC! yey! πŸ™‚



16 thoughts on “LINAMNAM! Top 5 Reasons Why The Philippines Is A Foodie’s Paradise

  1. The book seems like a must-read for Filipino or Filipino-at-heart foodies! I’d love to get a copy of this, is this available in National Bookstore? And how much, if I may ask πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. I would really suggest to get one. This one is available in National πŸ™‚

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