I had always been inclined into the arts as long as I can remember. Be it in the form of music or in the form of abstract paintings, I find myself lost in its complexity. I found solace and peace even in the simplest art form. Even by just merely looking into a framed painting or perhaps an installation in the wall arouses the curiosity in me. It has been rare for someone who was inclined to music and singing before learning how to speak phrases, which somehow happened to me. My strength is not into full caricature but in shades and abstract. I expressed myself well in landscape shades and in the choice of music I have.

When I met my Luxembourgian cousin, Kim Bartz, it was as refreshing as the cool summer breeze. She was the “IT” girl in painting today. Born from a family that really breathed and lived the arts, it was never a question why she came to love painting. She even dreamed to be a tattoo artist one day. She embodied how painting can be very versatile yet very stable. Though now she is into painting with various art medium, she still wont give up her dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

Kim may seem to be your typical half blood but she is more than that. She can speak five languages, had several exhibits already and is a consistent Dean’s Lister, and what more, she is Best in Thesis for Painting this year. If that won’t suffice, her talent is way beyond words. Propelled by her art media all the way from Luxembourg and a spiking character, she can paint at whim and can produce bright and colorful paintings that ranged from the classical to the contemporary era. Her show that will be on March 18, is combined of beautifully arranged pieces resulting from her classical training with new styles. Expect more vibrancy and bold exploration of styles that will leave you searching for more.

The exhibit will be on Qube Gallery in Henry Hotel at Maria Luisa Road and this will run till April 6. This will formally open tomorrow at 6pm. Cocktails will follow shortly after the introduction.

Are you a lover of the arts or do you know someone who does? Let us know! See you tomorrow! YES to #PopFusion!



15 thoughts on “YES to #POPFUSION!

  1. I am also drawn towards arts. More on dance theater though. As an audience ha not a dancer LOL. Too bad can’t get away from the office but I’d love to see her works, does she have an FB page where I can take a look at them?

  2. That is really amazing! I am no painter but I’ve always said that if there’s a talent or skill I’d like to have, I will choose painting or drawing. I can appreciate art though! Hope to visit her exhibit if I have free time. 🙂

  3. I think nakabasa ko about niya sa newspaper sauna. Taud-taod na pud to. Free entrance ra ba ang viewing sa Qube gallery?

  4. Your cousin seems like a talented and kickass person and this looks like an equally awesome show. I hope I can drop by The Henry to see the exhibit before it ends on April!

  5. I’m no artsy-fartsy or anything like that but I can appreciate art and I sometimes find myself get lost in museums when I was in Manila. It’s good that Kim’s exhibit is just near my place so I think it would be easy for me to drop by before April.

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