Coocaa on November 11: The Biggest Comeback EVER!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Coocaa – one of the premiere Chinese brands that made its debut launch during last year’s 11.11 Online Revolution is back. It is brand new line of Smart LED TV with price going as low as Php 13,990 for a 40-inch unit – only exclusive during the biggest online sale of the year! Coocaa is only being sold exclusively to online channels, and here in the Philippines, it is embarking on an exciting partnership yet again with the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall –

From last year’s Online Revolution, Coocaa’s 40E39YC TV sold over hundreds of units in less than an hour making it one of the record breaking sales during the 2014 Online Revolution. This 2015, Coocaa will be selling its 40E39YC Smart TV. The TV has built – in wifi, a wireless display and has full HD resolution. The TV is also equipped with Sky RSS, MHL and a modern bride stand. What is amazing about this year’s offer is that with the additional features added to the TV, it will still be sold at Php 13,990 from original price of Php 17,990.

 So what are you waiting for? Download the LAZADA mobile app now! 🙂 Flash sales are done from time to time! 🙂


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