HYPER CEBU: Creating A Wonderland for Cebuanos This Sinulog 2016

Cebu, Philippines — Prititit!!! Prititit!!! Prititit!!! Feeling Hyper? Wanted to escape to Wonderland? Or just reveling at the catchy sound? The sound of the whistle marks the start of the Sinulog Festival Fever. The Queen City of the South had always made the Cebuanos expect for more every year. This time, Hyper Cebu brings you, HYPER WONDERLAND, wildest, grandest and the most WONDERFUL Hyper Cebu event in history.

Powered by JCI Cebu Inc. and Globe Telecom, Hyper Cebu is going to set off its first ever Sinulog music festival this January 17, 2016 at VIBO Place N. Escario Street Cebu City. Hyper Wonderland is a gathering of the best of Cebu’s talents to ignite every party enthusiast’s festive spirit in the grandest festival in the Queen City of the South, hyped up by the finest local and national DJs such as Callum David, Deuce, Mars Miranda and many more!

HYPER CEBU is a lifestyle and events brand established and stabilize through the organizational leadership of the Cebu Jaycees (JCI Cebu Inc.), showcasing Cebuano passions in these seven (7) cultural areas: Food, Fashion, Music, Tech, Travel, Fitness, Leadership. It is strengthened by the commitment and support of Hyper Cebuano Volunteers, who are powered by the same passion and innate drive to make a common goal—acknowledge genuine and authentic Cebuano skills and talent, composed mainly of members of Cebu’s young and dynamic student leaders, ardent artists, enthusiastic contributors and zealous working professionals.

What sets Hyper Cebu apart is its volunteer-ran charity cause by which proceeds go to certain beneficiaries for every Hyper event. This coming Hyper Wonderland, the profit will be benefited by the Dancesport Team Cebu City and certain JCI Cebu projects this year. Every after Hyper event follows a charity event participated by the volunteers themselves which fulfills the true purpose of the consortium. This is the true meaning of fulfillment for the volunteers of Hyper, being able to give back the blessings for the year.

Hyper Wonderland is ready to blast off an ecstatic event as every party goer is at their highest peak during the mother of all Philippine festivals, Sinulog. Check out their Facebook page: HYPER CEBU to get updates on ticket pre-selling and their Tee-Kit package (ticket plus Sinulog Kit) in partnership with Epic Festival Solutions. Gates will open at 2 PM and party all night as it runs through a non-stop rave for 15 hours.

The party will be held in Vibo, N. Escario Street away from the stampede areas and near the access roads so that you can maximize the party vibe without being risked of getting squished in the stampede areas. It is responsible partying at its finest. 🙂

Here are the ticket prices:

hyper 2

What are you waiting for? Touch base with them and see you at the party! 🙂 Gates open at 2 PM on January 17th 🙂


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