Persian Ave PH: One Of A Kind Wrap in Cebu

Cebu, Philippines — When you heard about the word “tortilla wrap” or “shawarma”, what comes into your head? Is it the succulent greens with heaping beef with a special sauce? Or the hot pastry wrap that comes with it? Is it the feel good sensation you experience on the first bite? Whatever it is, surely, a “tortilla wrap” is our go to meal in our fast and ever dynamic society. When we feel the need to grab a bite but we don’t have enough time to linger on long queues at the fast food joints, this food concept surely made us all crave for it.

Persian Avenue PH was started by the Lapid Brothers, Pao and RJ who actually saw the need for fresh food to go and they created their own version of the most commonly know shawarma, the Tortilla Wrap. They hailed from Manila and already have 13 branches in Manila and late last year, with the opening of the Robinsons Galleria Cebu, they ventured into unfamiliar ground and opened another branch, making it the 14th, here. It was a risky venture granted that the Cebuanos are all picky eaters and hard to please, I myself included. They actually came from a family of food loving people, who owned Lapid’s Lechon.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Drop By and Grab Your Tortilla Wrap at Persian Avenue PH:

  1. Pure Meat Filling, No Extenders. The meat in the wrap was very chunky and flavorful, proof that it was carefully made and seasoned. What I find it awesome is they generously placed beef into the wraps apart from the lettuce and cucumber. They did not scrimped on the ingredients even if the lettuce price went sky high.
  2. FRESH Meals. When I did took a bite from my own tortilla wrap, I was surprised when it tasted sweet. I was not expecting it to be sweet since the other shawarmas aren’t. When I asked the owner, Pao, he said that it was not really intended to be sweet. He was even surprised why I asked. This only goes to show that when the food item is FRESH, then it tends to be sweet. Think about mangoes, when it is fresh and ripe, it is really sweet.
  3. TASTE. The tortilla wraps were definitely one of a kind. It was fresh at the same time very apt to the taste of a hungry individual. The taste was really great as it has a balance of sweet, savory and cheesy. The addition of cheese complimented well to the not so salty beef. The sauce and the tortilla pastry wrap is a best combination for the over all experience. For someone who really does not eat vegetables, this wrap got 4.5 stars for me. The crunchy lettuce is a great contrast to the meat’s texture.

Aside from the wraps, I also had the chance to sample the beef shawarma rice. It was a mix of greens, beef portions and a hefty amount of rice for about 80 plus pesos. It had the distinct Persian Avenue PH taste plus a bit spiced up on the rice. I do eat spicy food but due to migraine, I usually go easy on it bit by bit. Nevertheless, I loved the beef shawarma rice and it deserves a second food trip! 🙂

You may follow their social media accounts at:
Facebook: Persian Avenue PH
Instagram: @persianave

Here are some of the photos during our eating session with some of the bloggers at Persian Avenue. 🙂



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