SEO and Branding: What Does It Have In Store For Bloggers?

Cebu, Philippines — Recently, the Cebu Bloggers Society conducted a series of CBS MiniTalks, aimed to help out bloggers who wanted to up the ante on their blogs. With the presence of top speakers, Mr. Ian Limpangog of and Mr. Alem Garcia, of and McDonald’s Corporation, we had an afternoon full of learning and a blast!

The mini talks topic for that day centered around SEO. It showed how we can harness its ability to make our presence known in the blogosphere. This was tackled by Ian and here are the learning I got from that afternoon:

Setting Expectations and Identifying Limitations:

> focused on google
> general implementation
> SEO vs Social Media marketing

What is SEO?
> optimizing contents for maximum visibility in search engine

For search engines:
> optimizing a website or blog to gain maximum visibility within the SERPs [search engine results page]
> takes time and effort

Why we need to know SEO?
> push the brand on top of search engine results
> to get contents indexed
> using the focus keyword set up
> organic search: ultimate goal for SEO
> to monetize the blog

What is a blog? This is actually the question for the uninitiated, either friends and family, who are new to this.

> part of the internet [wide complex array of data]
>chronological content
> informal and conversational
> promotes dialogue and engagement

blogging terminologies
> wordpress, weebly, jindo — paid
> blogger and tumblr – free
> ghost, silverback, postagon — premium
>, joomla, drupal

> server

> domain
> sub domain
> slug
> URL [permalinks]

HTML {tags and attributes}

Search Engine terminologies
> search engine – indexer; scans the internet for keywords
> crawlers, spiders and bots – skim your site and study your web
> cache – static html copies of blogs, articles saved in server or browser
** set a cache expiry
> analytics
> webmaster – help you tell google that you have content

> use of analytics [google analytics]
> blog engagement [bounce rate]
> alexa ranking
> MozRank
> Domain Authority
> Page Authority

google analytics:

sessions: defined as every unique visit
users: unique entry
returning visitor: followers
bounce rate:

social media marketing: go specific like age, country, etc and consult analytics

Alexa Web Ranking: This is a ranking tool from Google that measures your presence and page views.

FREE tools:
> google webmaster tools — {tells google that you have content}
> google page insights — [time it will take to load your website]
> sucuri wesbite scanner — [important for web hosting]
> Cloudflare (use with caution) — will save a cache copy in its server, may affect your traffic.

Homepage or Site Wide Optimization
{titles, descriptions and other meta}
{mobile compatibility}
{page load}:
> page load {site spee}- reflects how quickly a website responds to web request. [server wise]
> compression (advance) — gzip, minimizing javascript, combining CSS
> caching (Browser, Server)
> Content Delivery Network (CDN)
> Server response time (advanced)
> database clean up

> Basic
>> Reduce homepage size
>>> truncated article view
>>> lazy load (scroll view)
>>> keep it simple
>> Avoid multimedia loops
>>> video and music autoplay

{Quality Backlinks}

> trust
> popularity
> relationship
> Coming from high quality (high ranking websites)
> Dofollow

Article Optimization
{Focus keyword}
> the permalink contains the keywords
> the keyword must appear in the first paragraph
> use of heading tags

> use H1/H2 class/tags for titles and subsections
> focus keyword in subsections

{Page Load}

> reduce page size
> caching
> keep sidebar scripts at minimum
> content delivery network
>mobile compatibility
> image optimization

{Keyword Density}
> keep up an acceptable keyword density [5-25 times — word]

{Lower Bounce Rate}
> lower side bars
> minimize suggested post
> use of internal anchor links
> related posts and archives
> navigation menu
> internal search [google custom search]

mobile formats}

> regular mobile format
> accelerated mobile pages [AMP]
>General > amp section
> Facebook instant articles

{Flesch Reading Ease}
90-100 (easily understood by high school students)
60-70 (acceptable rating for web texts)
0-30 (complex and long sentences)

Image Optimization — to get maximum traffic for your images redirecting to your blog.
> File size reduction
> Avoid html resize
> File naming — optimize it first and the filename should be your keyword
> tile and alternate attributes
> captioning — utilize your keywords in the captions

For the branding part, we definitely got good points from Alem. Speaking from the heart, he provided these point facts for branding [as what I had recalled during that day]. He also shared how he started and the struggles he had undergone just to successful. It was an eye opener for me since for the longest time, I had been struggling on my branding for my blog.

> Branding expresses your own self. Make it something that will make you be remembered.
> Be creative and unique without being costly.

On top of that neuron exciting mini talks, McDonald’s brought back the McSpicy Sandwich! I’m not really a fan of it the first time since I can’t tolerate spicy foods. My migraine will strike anytime if the spiciness of the food will reach beyond threshold. I was really hesitant to try it when served but then, the curious adventurer in me kicked in. I took a bite and boy, that was amazing!

I didn’t realize that it was spiced just right. The tender sesame buns and the crispy chicken fillet drizzled with cayenne and paprika [I think] was overwhelmingly good. The sweet mayo complimented its spicy aftertaste. I had a blast partnering it with McFreeze and Shake Shake Fries in Creamy Cheese. I would have wanted to try the Garlic Butter next time. The McFreeze was a cooling respite from the scorching heat of the blazing sun that day. I had to admit, the cool drink and the blazing heat was a killer combo of Fire and Ice but I survived big time 🙂

I would like to thank my Cebu Bloggers Society Family for having this great mini talks. It helped me a lot in improving my blogs and my social media platform. The modules simply rocked!

Hope that you can all sample this terrific McSpicy Burger from McDonald’s! Get them before they are gone!


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